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  • Unique White Gold Sapphire Ring

    If you are looking for a special ring that you can gift your sweetheart, then you can consider white gold sapphire ring, which looks stunning, beautiful, and unique. Sapphire wedding rings are the latest craze and they are a great alternative to diamond rings that come with a heavy price tag. Sapphire can offer you the same grace, look, and luster that a diamond can. Anyone who wants to make his or her engagement or wedding a grandeur affair can consider investing in white gold engagement ring. Sapphire is an amazingly presentable gemstone that comes in an array of colors such as green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, and pink.

    Sapphires embellished with diamonds can be the best wedding or engagement ring, as it offers a classic and aristocratic look. The sapphire wedding rings go with all types of attires and are a reasonable option as compared to diamond ring. With such a huge variety available in engagement rings, often buying the best ring is a challenging task. If you are hunting for the most stunning, graceful white gold engagement ring, then consider buying sapphire ring. Here is a guide to help you buy the best white gold sapphire ring.

    white gold ring

    Set a budget

    When you set off to buy the white gold wedding ring, have a pre-set budget and ensure that you stick to the budget. Sapphires are available in a range of prices, so to choose the most suitable ring, you need to find one that falls in your range. This narrows down your search and helps you get what you want. The price of sapphire varies depending upon the cut, clarity, color, and carat.

    Choose band metal carefully

    Although there are a number of metals used for making wedding ring; however, the best metal that goes with the color shades available in sapphire is white gold. It is exclusive, expensive, and graceful. White gold complements all colors of dresses and accentuates the natural sapphire. Your choice of band metal depends on your personal preference and your budget.

    Get certified sapphires

    Many jewelers are there who sell fake sapphires at high prices, so you need to be cautious while selecting sapphire wedding rings. To ensure that the sapphires in the ring are pure and genuine, you must get a certificate of authenticity from the jeweler. A reputed jeweler offers the certificate before you ask. They give a complete surety that the sapphires are real.

    Buy white gold engagement ring from reputed jeweler

    It is always good to buy your expensive ring from a reputed, established jeweler who has a vast collection of sapphire wedding rings. Make sure they have been in the industry for long and offer safe payment gateway. They will offer you genuine birthstone collection at the most competitive price.

    Get your white gold wedding ring customized

    The best way to get the wedding ring of your dream, you should consider buying loose sapphires, which are sold by the wholesalers at the most economical prices. You can choose the stone, the band metal, and the design to create the ring. The customized ring will truly reflect your personality and make you stand out.

    This guide will surely help you buy the best rings. Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers offers the most stunning collection of rainbow sapphire products. They offer uniquely designed jewelry pieces, which are handmade. They even offer free shipping worldwide.

  • Where to buy Rainbow Sapphire jewelry and Rings

    To some folks, when it comes to a decision of where to buy rainbow sapphire jewelry it becomes an uphill task. But for real this should not be. Whether one is in need of jewelry gold rings, gemstone jewelry etc-the places that offer such services are in plenty.

    The first thing one need to decide is if they want to buy them locally or online. For local stores, then a localized business would be very much handy. Look for the stores that are around that deal with rainbow jewelry in a directory. Since their phone numbers are always listed, then definitely contacting them would be of great assistance to you. Due to the reason that most businesses take time to respond to snail mail and electronic mail, it would be very advisable to contact them through a phone call. Ask them if they have listed what you need and go ahead and make an order. This basically requires ones physical presence.

    multicolor rainbow sapphire  diamond fashion ring 14k white gold  sku 1599-14k-wg-f90376

    For those people that find it hard to be physically present at a jewelry store to buy jewelry, then it would be essential to go to the search engines on the internet. This works magic for the folks who might find that they have no time at hand to be physically present at the jewelry store. The internet with the right key words would offer both localized and international solutions for where to buy jewelry. By typing in the search phrases in the top search engines like “buy gemstone” “gemstone jewelry” and maybe “gemstone jewelry wedding rings” etc. The person would be provided with both national and international solutions to make a choice from.

    Unlike the first method where a client physically appears in jewelry shop to make a purchase, in the second method the jewelry can be comfortably acquired in the comfort of one’s home or office. The latter method of buying jewelry need more care and is more risky than the first one. But with careful and closer observations, this method of buying jewelry is the best. Consider the time saved and the money saved from transporting oneself to the store- which might be far from one’s home. The things that one needs to take care of include checking the jewelry shopping site for signs of cheating. A good online shop would provide certification to the clients as a proof to the originality of the rainbow gemstone one is buying, just to use this as an example. This certification gives guarantee to the client that they are getting what they have paid for and nothing less or more. Secondly when making the purchase using a credit or debit card, one need to check if the site is secured. This would be very handy in preventing one from having their card information stolen by fake jewelry online shops that are in existent. Some of these shops offer free shipping depending on the country concerned. One needs to find out if they are covered in this. Conclusively, where to buy jewelry should never ever be a problem. All one needs to do is to choose the right place or method fit for them.

  • Top 10 reasons to buy Rainbow sapphire Gemstone

    Rainbow sapphire have for many years been a major attraction for the human race. These amazing gemstones are just too beautiful to avoid. The owning of these stones has been related to very many reasons. From magical power to the jewelry of choice among many others- maybe you might have come across these rainbow sapphires in one way or another. A friend might have influenced you to acquire them, or maybe you came across them through some film or searches online. This discovery of the rainbow sapphire jewelry might have brought you a burning desire to have them. But it would be good to consider the ten reasons of why you need to buy the sapphire gemstone. And in this, we are going to future the reasons why the rainbow sapphire jewelry is the perfect choice for ladies and gentlemen.


    • A wedding they say is never done twice. Hence the first reason to buy the sapphire gemstone would definitely to make your wedding a memorable occasion. Sapphire jewelry includes wedding rings for women that are dazzling and very beautiful.
    • Rainbow sapphire gives one the courage and power needed in any function and in this case a wedding.
    • The unique wedding bands made from rainbow sapphire are eye catching emitting an array of dazzling colors that makes the beauty stand out.
    • Rainbow sapphire gemstones are rare and adorning them would give one a sense of complexity.
    • The wedding rings designed from this gemstone give a sense of prosperity. Remember that these beautiful stones are adorned by the highest and mightiest in the current world hence having them would definitely give one success.
    • Rainbow sapphire gemstones can make one evade evil spirits and bad omen. Throughout history these stones have been used as a sign for repelling bad spirits and bad luck. The power held by these stones is just too high to believe. The only way one can enjoy this is to buy and own them.
    • When courting a woman, a present of rings made from the rainbow sapphire gemstone works magic. By their sheer beauty the charm gives the lady a message that you are a serious man and the rest is just a success story to tell.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry is easy to clean. Though one should make sure that they are not wearing them when doing outdoor jobs, the gemstones are basically easy to take care of in normal circumstances. With some whipping and dusting then the piece of the jewelry will be back for use and still in its beauty and array of color.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry does not only fit the wedding rings and wedding bands. There are other choices that can be acquired which include chains and bungles. All you need is to check the gemstone jewelry that you need or that suits you and you will definitely get it.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstones fit very many occasions. They can also be good presents for a birthday, a graduation ceremony, child birth just to mention but a few.
  • Gemstone Sapphire Wedding Band

    Being in possession of the best gemstone sapphire wedding band does not necessarily mean one knows a great deal about sapphires, but naturally the more knowledge one has then the more the chances are increased for achieving their goal of getting the best possible sapphire wedding band present in the market.


    Sapphires are naturally found as gemstones or are manufactured in large crystal boules for a variety of reasons. The corundum family is made up of pure aluminum oxide with traces of other elements such as iron and chromium which provide sapphires gemstone with their blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange or greenish coloration. Sapphire gemstone is in the inclusion of any gemstone quality type of the mineral corundum with the inclusion of the red variety (ruby).The Blue sapphires are found in a variety of shades; blue and Titanium and iron included in the aluminum oxide results into shades of blue
    This gemstone has for a very long time in history been a symbol of truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. From it being the material for the tablet of the Ten Commandments handed over to Moses by God on Mt. Sinai, to being a choice of Kings and religious leaders due to it symbolizing purity and wisdom. The other quality attributed to sapphire that makes it fit for being either a wedding band or an engagement ring is its sign of sincerity and faithfulness, couples globally were given an inspiration to revive their delicate tradition when Prince Charles chose a sapphire engagement ring for the late Princess Diana.

    Gemstone sapphire has been known to be a birthstone for September, the month when the most babies are born in a year. The sapphire wedding band or engagement ring when offered during this month it symbolizes fertility and happy relationship for the couples. It’s given with a belief that the fruits of the marriage-children would be born in health and abundance.

    A sapphire wedding ring represents adornment and beauty and it builds trust and lasting of the relationship. A woman represented by this beautiful wedding band would realize the depth of love the partner has for her and definitely ignite the burning romantic fire within her resulting into serious mature affair. A sapphire wedding band is every woman’s dream the beautiful display of color plus the confidence in the wedding day plus a feeling of being cherished adds to the spice of the occasion. No man would elude the magical romance of the woman he presented with a gemstone sapphire wedding band. It will be all system goes for the lovers. The woman being the pillar of the relationship will give her all, and the man will have nothing else to do but to embrace the romantic fire he lit.

    A gemstone sapphire wedding band is not an ordinary thing. All the attributes of the stone goes with the band. And the mood at the wedding will tell it out. It will bring out the real person of the bride in bright colors that no one can hide from!

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