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  • Different Colored Sapphire and What It Symbolize

    Sapphire, the gemstone of September, is a precious gemstone that has been in use for ages. The stone is always believed to protect one from envy and harm. Symbol of purity and wisdom, the stone has been popular among kings as well as priests. The stone is known for its metaphysical properties, which help in building healthy relationships. The stone represents faithfulness, sincerity, loyalty, reliability, truth, and sincerity. Because of their unique healing and astronomical qualities, sapphire jewelry is becoming hugely popular. Due to its ability to bring bliss to married life and building long-term relationships, couples often invest in sapphire eternity band, which they share on their engagement or wedding.

    Natural sapphire is chemically made of hexagonal crystals of Aluminum Oxide, and a variety of the mineral Corundum, which is found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. The most popular and expensive sapphire stone is blue sapphire that is a combination of iron and titanium. It is a royal gemstone and associated with sacred things. Sapphire is a symbol of strength, power, kindness, and wisdom. It brings the wearer happiness, prosperity, and good fortune. It is believed to keep the evil spirits away. The sapphire jewelry makes one focused, powerful, and authoritative.  It offers many medicinal benefits and cures various ailments. The stone is associated with planet Saturn and keeps the negativities away. Sapphire is available in an array of colors such as green, blue, purple, black and white sapphire. Every color has its own symbolic meanings and importance. Here are some of the natural sapphires that are used in jewelry.

    Blue Sapphire: Blue sapphire is the most beautiful, elegant sapphire. It has iron and titanium that offers it heavenly hues. Blue color of the sapphire ranges from light blue to dark royal blue. The velvety cornflower blue is highly desired color in sapphire jewelry. It symbolizes confidence, truth, sincerity, and importance.


    Black Sapphire: It symbolizes wisdom and confidence. It protects and relieves sorrow, anxiety, helps people be employed.

    Orange Sapphire: Orange sapphire symbolizes creativity, spirituality, and sensuality. It is the best for writers, singers, and people with artistic bent

    Green Sapphire: It is known as stone of tranquility. The green color of the stone is due to iron in it. It brings integrity, fidelity, and stimulates compassion and vision. It calms the mind and makes it easy to focus. People wear green sapphire to release mental tension and eradicate unwanted thoughts. It resolves balance within the body.

    Violet sapphire: The stone is worn for spiritual awakening, as it stimulates meditation and initiates peace. It makes one stronger in love.


    Pink sapphire: People wear pink sapphire in jewelry because it stimulates emotions and encourages forgiveness, love, and release of past feelings.


    Yellow Sapphire: It is believed to bring prosperity and wisdom. Astrologers often recommend this stone for improving the financial position of the wearer. This makes one focused on the goals and ambitions; thus making him succeed in every endeavor that he undertakes.


    White Sapphire: This stone is bound to bring strength and wisdom. This removes every hurdle to one’s spiritual path. This brings clarity to the mind and improves communication.


    Sapphire is an exceptional stone, which has calming effect on the body and mind. It makes the wearer feel good, delighted, and successful. When you need sapphire jewelry, you should approach a reputed jeweler that specializes in making sapphire eternity band and other forms of natural sapphire jewelry.

  • Sapphire – In Its Many Colors

    Widely known as a birthstone for the month September Sapphire is prized globally. Though its name in Latin means blue, this gemstone is not always blue. Its occurrence is in multitudes of colors that are not known to many people. Apart from these colors, the red sapphire is normally referred to as ruby. Unfortunately the other colors are rare than the blue sapphire. Since the red one as we have seen refers to ruby, hence then the word sapphire refers to sapphire. Sounds confusing? It shouldn’t.  The blue sapphire is normally highly priced than the rest. The rest have a special name; fancy sapphire.

    Photographed for the CIBJO project from the Dr. Eduard J. Gubelin Collection.

    This gemstone is a representation of divine favor and it’s actually for this reason that it has become a choice for the high and the mighty in society. Kings, Queens, High Priests name them, and they all adorn this great stone in its entire splendor. A good example and perhaps this is what is in your mind is The British Crown Jewels which are filled by large blue sapphires, which gives symbolism of purity and wisdom. The most famous and valuable sapphires are a rich intense blue, a truly royal hue. Being a birthstone for September, as I have mentioned above it’s perhaps not known to you that is the very month when the most babies are born. Ancient lists also name it as a Aprils birthstone and gemstone for the sign of Taurus.

    This stone it’s known for its toughness and durability. Surprisingly it has no cleavage plane so it can’t be cut with one blow like a diamond. In fact, its synthetic type is used for scratch-proof watch crystals, optical scanners, and other tools because of trust in its durability. This is the same reason that this stone will be treasured for generations.

    The sapphire with the range of fancy colors comes from Montana in United States of America. Those from the world largest deposit of Yogo Gulch are smaller in size but they have an elegant beautiful blue. But getting them is not a walk in the park, for they are found deep in the rocks hence making it hard to get them and that’s why they are costly.

    Most the finest sapphire on today market originates from Sri Lanka, which is a producer of a wide variety of beautiful blues from soft sky blue colors to very rich concentrated hues. Yellow sapphires from this area are large, and may even hit sizes of several hundred of carats. These large stones are mostly museum pieces, yet are shockingly cheap despite their rarity. Pink and violet sapphires from Sri Lanka are very intense and vibrant in their color and are mostly much rarer than the blue gemstones. Kanchanaburi and Pailin are famous for deep blue, even colors. The most priced sapphires have a medium intense, clear blue color. The best of these stones hold the brightness of their color under variety of lighting. Any black, gray, or green overtones mixed in with the blue will reduce a stone's value. In general, a more pastel blue would be less preferred than a vivid blue but would be priced higher than an over dark blackish blue color.

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