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  • Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

    Sapphire derived its name from Latin word Saphirus which means blue. Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone, which is associated with the planet Saturn. Sapphire gemstone is made of aluminum and oxygen. It gets its blue color from the cobalt, which is mixed in the compound. Blue sapphire gemstones are mostly found in Australia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Afghanistan, China, and many Asian countries. People like to wear blue sapphire in different forms of jewelry items including earrings, pendants, and rings. The stone is often worn due to its astrological and other benefits. Here are some of the benefits of natural blue sapphire.


    Blue sapphire brings peace of mind, spiritual enlightenment, tranquility, and happiness in life. The astrologists often recommend people with weak Saturn to wear sapphire stone, which is believed to bring prosperity to the wearer. Blue sapphire gemstone is hugely beneficial for someone who faces medical problems and encounter physical problems. In earlier days, sapphires were grounded and powdered to use to cure or treat various problems. The stone is believed to stop bleeding, cure boils, wounds, and eye problems. It cures seizures, fever, and delusions. The stone is worn because it purifies the blood, strengthens the heart, corrects defective vision, and it is used to counteract poisons. Often sapphire is used to treat scorpion bites. Saturn is sign of death and longevity. It increases the life span of the wearer. Sapphire gemstone is also symbol of faithfulness and sincerity.

    Many people wear natural blue sapphire because it brings wealth, good name, fame, opportunity, prosperity, and good children. Because Saturn rules the nervous system, blue sapphire helps in relieving nervous tension and cures neuroses-diseases. Blue sapphire gemstone protects wearer from accidents, thieves, fires, natural disasters along with various physical and mental diseases. Wearing blue sapphire gemstones helps a person in his career and improves his financial life. It offers relief from mental anxiety and protects wearer from jealousy and evil spirits. Often women who face infertility issues are recommended to wear blue sapphire, as it stimulates infertility.

    Blue sapphire gemstone clears any confusion and blesses the wearer with the correct decision making abilities. It improves the focus and concentration. By wearing sapphire gemstone, one feels calm and peaceful. The gemstone removes all the negativities in life. Often sapphire is worn for some time to test its suitability, as the gemstone is believed to be stone of extremities. People often keep the stone under their sleeping pillow for few days to find whether the stone suits them or not. It is also crucial to buy blue sapphire without any flaws and any scratches, as tainted stone is believed to bring bad luck, troubles, sorrow, and pain. The blue sapphire is an expensive gemstone.

    Rainbow Sapphire Jewellers is a reputed Australia owned jewelers that offers handmade jewelery in sapphire. They specialize in providing jewelry in exclusive designs worldwide. They offer blue sapphire at prices that you find irresistible. They are committed to providing the finest collection of jewelery. Whether you are looking for stunning earrings, exclusive pendants, or exclusive rainbow sapphire engagement rings, you can get everything you seek.

  • How To Buy Loose Precious Sapphire Gemstones

    Many people want to buy loose gems because of their metaphysical properties and benefits. Astrologers often recommend certain precious and semi precious stones to the clients to make their life prosperous, happy, wealthy, and healthy. Loose semi precious stones are easily available with the jewelers and the online jewelry stores; however, it is crucial for you to understand how to buy loose semi precious stones so that you buy genuine stones and avoid buying fake gemstones.

    Sapphire is a beautiful precious stone that is worn to avail various benefits. The wearers use it because it offers health, astrological, and other benefits. The stone promotes hope, prosperity, happiness, faith, joy, and peace. It protects the wearer on the long journeys and helps them have better control over themselves. Sapphire gemstone is used extensively in jewelry to create beautiful, stunning pieces of jewelry. Rainbow sapphire jewelry is largely popular because it contains precious sapphires in an array of colors including red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green, black, and colorless, etc. These different colored precious stones are available from different parts of the world. People like to wear Rainbow sapphire jewelry in a hope that their all dreams and desires will be fulfilled.

    Semi precious stones are exclusive and expensive, so often markets offer replicas of these stones; therefore, it is important for you to know how to buy loose gems. It requires experience and expertise to find the worth of the stones. A professional appraiser can help; however, by knowing certain things you can easily differentiate between the real gemstones and fake ones. Here are certain things that you must consider when you need to buy loose semi precious stones.

    To determine the value of precious stones, you should use four C’s, which are standards for determining the value of the gemstone. The 4 C’s include color, cut, carat, and clarity. Like diamonds, all other precious and semi precious stones are measured by these criteria. Color is an important factor. All the gemstones come in a range of colors and any stone close to these ranges is pure and valuable. Consider tone, hue, and saturation of the color to find the value of the stone. Cut determines the shape and design of the sapphire and any other gemstone. Cut decides how the stone will reflect the light and how it will look. A dazzling, brilliant stone is always precious and valuable. Buy loose gems that have clarity means that they are without any flaws such as blemishes, inclusions, or pores on the surface. Another factor that determines the value of Rainbow sapphire and other precious stones is carat, which refers to weight. It is important to know what weight you require to wear, if you plan to wear the precious stone for astrological purpose.

    The sapphire stone is hard and it easily bears any scratches or wear and tear. When you plan to buy loose gems, make sure you get certified gems and buy them from authentic, well-established source. Make sure you get the best value for your money and you are not defrauded. You can take help from a professional to check the stones and authenticate them. Look for visible flaws and make sure the gem is without any blemishes and scratches.

  • Rainbow sapphire bracelets with diamonds

    There is nothing thrilling like walking into a jewelry store and coming out having purchased a dazzling rainbow sapphire bracelet. This rainbow sapphire jewelry is a treasure for both the wearers and collectors. Available in array of sparkling colors, the bracelets with diamond provide uniqueness in fashion spheres that untouchable.

    The rainbow sapphire bracelet with diamond is a combination that gives sophistication to the owner combined with an air of mystic power and all the goodness that goes that with these jewelries. The sapphire qualities that are both ancient and current have survived the test of time. Having been a choice of the ancient Kings and Queens and in some part the highest powers in religious circles, the gemstone jewelry carries with it amazing super qualities that when combined with diamonds, they are just beyond words!

    Sapphire has been for long used as birthstone and hence this rainbow sapphire has been presented as a present before or after childbirth. After childbirth as a symbol that the child has been born in a certain month and before birth as a sign of fertility and good luck during the birth process- those that fit such presentation are available at the jewelry store.


    In ancient India and Greece, the rainbow sapphire was surrounded by many mystic beliefs that highly valued them, making them affordable to the high and might in the society. It was believed that these rainbow sapphire offered protection against bad luck and that they would protect one from evil magical powers. The adorners of sapphire jewelry were placed high in the society and referred to as the protected ones. In India, they have been used for religious reasons. It was believed that the sapphire rainbow assist one in acquiring the highest level of spiritual powers by realizing themselves. This also was a positive quality that shot the sapphire rainbow jewelry to stardom. The qualities of the sapphire stone are many. All this plus its beauty is a unique combination. Imagine what the combination would be between it and the rare diamond crystal would be.

    Rainbow sapphire and diamond bracelets bring together the taste of high fashion selection. The jewelry is actually above the rim as far as choices are concerned. Though popularized by showbiz stars and magazine covers, more and more fashion conscious people are currently turning this great jewelry into their lifestyles. They both came with an air of complexity and admiration for the adorners, not to forget mentioning the charm and confidence that goes with them.

    Acquiring this jewelry from the jewelry shop is one big step that those who love fashion and admirers have never regretted to take. The attention that one gets and the queries that they respond too reveals to them that they have not made a bad selection after all- the two jewelry are and historically been sought after by many people. The designers who came up with this unique jewelry combination targeted elite with sophisticated selection as far as fashion are concerned, but the result has been different. More and more people have looked for and walked out of the jewelry shop having purchased the amazing jewelry.

  • Sapphire Gemstone-Treasure Hunting


    These Sapphires have been the captivation of many people for very many years. This is due to diverse reasons. Treasure hunting for the sapphire gemstones has become a craze for many people until now it has become a popular hobby that has resulted to lodges, hotels and even camping sites started near the sites that people go treasure hunting and they have realized good business. But why do people go treasure hunting sapphire gemstones?

    The obvious reason would definitely to strike it rich. People throughout history have held tight to a dream of getting a treasure hidden somewhere on earth waiting to be reveled. To some it has become a reality for treasure hunting has changed their way of life after coming across expensive gemstones and getting monetary up-liftmen for their effort. Stories such as this, when they appear in news have even gone to increase the number of gemstone sapphire treasure hunters.  Striking it rich by getting a rare and costly gemstone sapphire is not a walk in the pack; otherwise it’s an undertaking that is involving and sometimes very dangerous. Some of these much sought gemstone sapphires are found in very remote regions that have very adverse climatically conditions that might not favor the individual. The risk of security is also to be considered as some of the regions might be war torn or just unfriendly. If one chooses to carry on with gemstone sapphire treasure hunting, then plans need to be made before hand.

    The second reason might be highly influenced by the month one was born. If for example one was born during the month of September, then it would be the best moment to go out and try treasure hunting for sapphire gemstones. Not only them but also those born under the sun signs of Taurus, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius-might as well try their luck. Sapphire is also the classical present for you’re the fifth and forty-fifth wedding remembrance. If by luck one makes it to the sixty fifth wedding anniversary, then the most classical gift would definitely be the rare and unique star sapphire.

    The third reasons that people go out treasure hunting for sapphire gemstone; it’s because of its magical powers. Individuals would go looking for this mineral in order to have the powers these stones hold. Others would try to get them for their healing reasons. Gemstone sapphires are said to assist an individual's latent capabilities for astral projection, telepathy and clairvoyance. Not only are they said  to carry out that, but they are also  to be of great help in curing colic, healing of rheumatism, fever reduction-blue stones only, and relieving several mental sickness-no color preferences for that one. Gemstone sapphire has gone a level higher and is available online. A good example is the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine in spectacular Spokane, Washington, there your opportunity for a successful sapphire treasure hunt are high. You can do it at the comfort of your house by giving an order online for a bucket and try treasure hunting in the comfort of your own home.

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