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  • Five Reasons Why Sapphire Is the Kind of Gemstone that Is Sometimes Better than Diamonds

    Yes, we have all heard that a diamond is a woman’s best friend and getting a diamond engagement ring is the dream of many a young woman. However, it is also common knowledge that diamonds are some of the rarest gemstones with an unrivaled hardness, which makes it so expensive that many people have to drain their savings to buy diamond jewelry.

    Of course, many agree that the most significant piece of jewelry that must have a diamond is an engagement or wedding ring. But times are changing and women are now open to more rare and interesting options in jewelery. Here are some reasons why a sapphire can be a great option for a wedding or engagement ring.


    A wide range of colors

    Unlike diamonds, sapphires come in a range of vivid colors that make them interesting  and a natural choice for those looking for something different. All sapphires are basically entirely aluminum oxide and in the purest form is colorless. The colorful hues to sapphire gemstones come from slight traces of impurities like iron, chromium, titanium, copper, and so on. Most people think of sapphires as dark blue gems, but they also come in dazzling yellow, pink, orange, red and green. Imagine a hot pink sapphire wedding ring for an adventurous bride! However, if you want a traditional white or colorless gem for a wedding band, then you can opt for a white sapphire.

    They are extremely hard

    The hardness of gemstones is measured using a Mohs scale; while the diamond is rated as 10 and is the hardest mineral, sapphire ranks 9, which is very impressive. This high degree of hardness makes sapphire perfect for wedding rings and engagement rings that are meant to be worn at all times.

    Sapphires are less-expensive

     The diamond industry is highly controlled to keep the prices high even though diamonds are not as rare as people think they are. In fact, top quality Sapphires are much rarer. However, sapphires are so much cheaper than diamonds and they offer better value for money. A 3mm round diamond at wholesale price costs $90 whereas a 3mm white round sapphire costs on $10.

    They do not chip easily

    Diamonds may be very hard, but they are not very resistant to chipping because of their crystal structure. Sapphires are more chip-resistant and are tougher, meaning that they chip far less than diamonds, which is quite remarkable.

    Hip and modern

    Diamonds are being seen as as an orthodox choice by modern brides. Also, the unethical practices involved with the diamond industry makes sapphires so much more desirable. Plus, Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother, Princess Diana’s, sapphire wedding ring and now to-be brides are raving about sapphires.

    Sapphires are also popularly considered to be gemstones of  wisdom, and the pink sapphire in particular is believed to stimulate emotions of love and forgiveness, making it an apt choice for brides.

  • Sapphire – In Its Many Colors

    Widely known as a birthstone for the month September Sapphire is prized globally. Though its name in Latin means blue, this gemstone is not always blue. Its occurrence is in multitudes of colors that are not known to many people. Apart from these colors, the red sapphire is normally referred to as ruby. Unfortunately the other colors are rare than the blue sapphire. Since the red one as we have seen refers to ruby, hence then the word sapphire refers to sapphire. Sounds confusing? It shouldn’t.  The blue sapphire is normally highly priced than the rest. The rest have a special name; fancy sapphire.

    Photographed for the CIBJO project from the Dr. Eduard J. Gubelin Collection.

    This gemstone is a representation of divine favor and it’s actually for this reason that it has become a choice for the high and the mighty in society. Kings, Queens, High Priests name them, and they all adorn this great stone in its entire splendor. A good example and perhaps this is what is in your mind is The British Crown Jewels which are filled by large blue sapphires, which gives symbolism of purity and wisdom. The most famous and valuable sapphires are a rich intense blue, a truly royal hue. Being a birthstone for September, as I have mentioned above it’s perhaps not known to you that is the very month when the most babies are born. Ancient lists also name it as a Aprils birthstone and gemstone for the sign of Taurus.

    This stone it’s known for its toughness and durability. Surprisingly it has no cleavage plane so it can’t be cut with one blow like a diamond. In fact, its synthetic type is used for scratch-proof watch crystals, optical scanners, and other tools because of trust in its durability. This is the same reason that this stone will be treasured for generations.

    The sapphire with the range of fancy colors comes from Montana in United States of America. Those from the world largest deposit of Yogo Gulch are smaller in size but they have an elegant beautiful blue. But getting them is not a walk in the park, for they are found deep in the rocks hence making it hard to get them and that’s why they are costly.

    Most the finest sapphire on today market originates from Sri Lanka, which is a producer of a wide variety of beautiful blues from soft sky blue colors to very rich concentrated hues. Yellow sapphires from this area are large, and may even hit sizes of several hundred of carats. These large stones are mostly museum pieces, yet are shockingly cheap despite their rarity. Pink and violet sapphires from Sri Lanka are very intense and vibrant in their color and are mostly much rarer than the blue gemstones. Kanchanaburi and Pailin are famous for deep blue, even colors. The most priced sapphires have a medium intense, clear blue color. The best of these stones hold the brightness of their color under variety of lighting. Any black, gray, or green overtones mixed in with the blue will reduce a stone's value. In general, a more pastel blue would be less preferred than a vivid blue but would be priced higher than an over dark blackish blue color.

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