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  • Five Reasons Why Sapphire Is the Kind of Gemstone that Is Sometimes Better than Diamonds

    Yes, we have all heard that a diamond is a woman’s best friend and getting a diamond engagement ring is the dream of many a young woman. However, it is also common knowledge that diamonds are some of the rarest gemstones with an unrivaled hardness, which makes it so expensive that many people have to drain their savings to buy diamond jewelry.

    Of course, many agree that the most significant piece of jewelry that must have a diamond is an engagement or wedding ring. But times are changing and women are now open to more rare and interesting options in jewelery. Here are some reasons why a sapphire can be a great option for a wedding or engagement ring.


    A wide range of colors

    Unlike diamonds, sapphires come in a range of vivid colors that make them interesting  and a natural choice for those looking for something different. All sapphires are basically entirely aluminum oxide and in the purest form is colorless. The colorful hues to sapphire gemstones come from slight traces of impurities like iron, chromium, titanium, copper, and so on. Most people think of sapphires as dark blue gems, but they also come in dazzling yellow, pink, orange, red and green. Imagine a hot pink sapphire wedding ring for an adventurous bride! However, if you want a traditional white or colorless gem for a wedding band, then you can opt for a white sapphire.

    They are extremely hard

    The hardness of gemstones is measured using a Mohs scale; while the diamond is rated as 10 and is the hardest mineral, sapphire ranks 9, which is very impressive. This high degree of hardness makes sapphire perfect for wedding rings and engagement rings that are meant to be worn at all times.

    Sapphires are less-expensive

     The diamond industry is highly controlled to keep the prices high even though diamonds are not as rare as people think they are. In fact, top quality Sapphires are much rarer. However, sapphires are so much cheaper than diamonds and they offer better value for money. A 3mm round diamond at wholesale price costs $90 whereas a 3mm white round sapphire costs on $10.

    They do not chip easily

    Diamonds may be very hard, but they are not very resistant to chipping because of their crystal structure. Sapphires are more chip-resistant and are tougher, meaning that they chip far less than diamonds, which is quite remarkable.

    Hip and modern

    Diamonds are being seen as as an orthodox choice by modern brides. Also, the unethical practices involved with the diamond industry makes sapphires so much more desirable. Plus, Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother, Princess Diana’s, sapphire wedding ring and now to-be brides are raving about sapphires.

    Sapphires are also popularly considered to be gemstones of  wisdom, and the pink sapphire in particular is believed to stimulate emotions of love and forgiveness, making it an apt choice for brides.

  • About White Sapphire Engagement Rings

    This is one of the finest gemstones on the planet, white sapphire engagement ring will make your bride speechless immediately she sees the sparkling engagement ring you have made a selection of for her. Expect her to cry out YES!!!Make a choice of whitesapphire engagement ring that fitsher personality and an announcement to the world about your bond as a couple. A sapphire engagement ring has a wide choice of hues from almost nude, bright hot pink to pink.

    There are high chances that your spouse adores pink (as many do) and in most cases has this color surrounding her in her bedroom through the selection of curtains, bedcovers etc. But the allure of white sapphire engagement rings or the white gold engagement ring will actually capture her. These are but amazing pieces of art and beauty that carry with them the natural qualities of sapphire gemstone. Maybe the color has come in her dream about the two of you having a fairytale wedding in those colors don’t mind.


    The basic cost of a white sapphire engagement ring is said to be the same as a two month earning. There has been a wide selection of weddings in pink and green theme. This is a brilliant combination of feminine and masculine hues. It is very natural for a beautiful girl to be in pink even though with engagement rings, there are several types to choose from, they include the white gold engagement ring, and the white sapphire engagement rings.

    The sapphire engagement ring as the gemstone itself is mostly linked to be a qualification of loyalty, honesty and faithfulness. This is why it is a favorite choice for engagement rings. The sapphire engagement rings got its share of popularity during the Prince Charles presentation to Lady Diana with an oval sapphire engagement ring which was surrounded by14 diamonds for their engagement.

    Pink Sapphires engagement rings are provided in oval, round or rectangular shapes. Sapphires by itself is hardy, with a measurement of are quite hard, measuring 9 on the Mohs scale, with the diamond being the only gem that is harder than it. Sapphire is tactually the birthstone for the month of September, and belongs to the same gem family as the ruby.

    The sapphire engagement rings carry with them the natural attributes of the sapphire gemstone (as mentioned earlier).The star sapphire for example- called so due to the appearance of a sparkle in its center has for a long time been thought to be a love charm.  The bands of light across the stone that created the star like appearance are said to represent destiny and hope.

    The sapphires gemstone are said to have given wisdom and protection to generations of Kings. In olden times, priests often used it in order to assist them to make predicationof the future. Biblically, it was one of the twelve stones given to Moses to place in the breastplate of Aaron. Sapphires gemstones were also kept in the foundation of the walls of Jerusalem.

  • Rainbow Sapphire: A modern gem and jewelry collection

    Sapphire is actually all corundum- aluminum oxide that is not red. The word is primarily derived from the Greek ‘sappheiros’ whose meaning is blue. However, one needs to put in mind the fact that sapphire does not occur only in blue hue. Rainbow sapphires can be green, brown, brown, and pink, this highly depends on the presence of various kinds of minerals. A good example is that, the presence of chromium leads to the production of pink sapphire and the presence of iron results in yellow and green rainbow sapphires which are very good for modern jewelry.


    Rainbow sapphires are majorly found in Australia, although some countries like Sri Lanka, India and Burma have them. Indian sapphires source is Kashmir. These sapphires are cornflower blue in color and are said to be actually the best blue sapphires for gemstone jewelry. Sri Lankan rainbow sapphires are the most available and are typically light to rainbow jewelrymedium blue in color which is very common on online jewelry stores. The majority of fancy-colored rainbow sapphires available in the jewelry stores online are from Sri Lanka. The most available of these fancy rainbow sapphires are yellow, or golden, and pink in color. The pinkish orange ones are the rarest and most expensive in modern jewelry.

    Rainbow sapphires found in Thailand and Australia, are dark blue in hue. The gemstone jewelry gotten from these two countries primarily belong to the type of the cheap to average cost range of rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry in the stores. Montana on the other hand is the single most sources of rainbow sapphires in the United States. The rainbow sapphire produced is of an appealing metallic blue in hue.

    Most of the modern rainbow sapphire gemstone has had their hue improved, by the most common method, heating. The reason for doing this is to give an enrichment of coloration and improvement of its clarity. With this method of heat treatment colorless or paled-colored sapphire gemstones have been changed to brilliant blue or yellow ones. This is highly dependent on the originality of the material and the kind of heating process, heating of sapphire gemstones can lead to the production of various results. A good example is sapphires that have rutile -titanium dioxide crystals which can be treated by heating and at the same time being cooled quickly. This results in the dissolving of the rutile into the corundum and the gemstone becoming vivid. Colorless or pale-colored gemstones after undergoing heating in the absence of oxygen would change to deep blue color. However, you should put in mind that, if these stones are being heated in the oxygen presence, they would change into very deep yellow hue. Most yellow rainbow sapphires have been treated in this way.

    Sapphire gemstones designer jewelry is considered beautiful, rare and very much durable. The beauty of a rainbow sapphire gemstone is undiminished with time. A sapphire gemstone could sparkle in many years to come. It has lasting value and is well liked by many as a choice for modern jewelry.

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