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  • What are the Advantages And Disadvantages of Wearing Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry?

    With more and more people realizing the benefit of sapphire gemstone, the craze for natural sapphire jewelry is increasing. The precious stone is not only known for its stunning beauty, but also for offering various advantages. The jewelry designers experiment with Rainbow sapphire to create stunning pieces of jewelry. Even the astrologers recommend Rainbow Sapphire rings, as they solve various problems. Rainbow Sapphire jewelry uses different colors of Sapphires to create beautiful earrings, rings, necklaces, armlets, and others.


    Benefits of wearing Rainbow Sapphire jewelry

    Ranging from health benefits to astrological benefits, Sapphire offers numerous benefits to the wearers. People wear sapphire stone to treat diseases such as rheumatism, colic, and mental illnesses such as depression. Sapphire helps in curing tension and mental confusion. The stone cures the irritation of poisonous insect bite. Rainbow sapphire combines the properties of yellow, blue, and other colored sapphires. It is often recommended for treating  alcoholism, kidney problems, depression psychosis, etc. It boosts the immune system.

    People wear sapphire because it has numerous astrological benefits. They wear Rainbow sapphire rings to gain power, courage, boldness, and authority. Astrologers often recommend the sapphire jewelry to those who want to have financial stability and build up a strong career. The wearer earns fame, name, wealth, happiness, health, and prosperity. The stone enhances spiritualism and wisdom. It counteracts the affect of Saturn planet.

    Besides health and astrological benefits, people like Rainbow sapphire jewelry because of its aesthetic appeal. It looks vibrant and attractive and this is the reason that sapphire stone is used in an array of jewelry piece such as neckpieces, earrings, rings, and other jewelries. Renowned jewelry designers love to work with sapphire and create exclusive pieces.

    Disadvantages of wearing natural sapphire jewelry

    The sapphire can be harmful, if your Saturn is negative. The wearer becomes melancholic, deceitful, lazy, skeptical, and lethargic. Such people face obstacles and hindrance in their works and become pessimistic, distrustful, unreliable, and depressed. The wearer usually experiences problems in married life, loss in authority, and disfavor. The stone has negative effect on relationships, career, profession, and health. Diseases that are often associated with Saturn planet include gout, bronchitis, paralyses, Rheumatism. The sapphire with cracks brings in negativity and may attract accidents and unpleasant incidents. The stone should not have white lines and depressions. A dull stone brings family problems and white stone invites poverty.

    Before you get Rainbow sapphire jewelry, it is crucial that you consult an experienced astrologer who can study your horoscope and inform you whether you should wear the Rainbow sapphire jewelry or not. Often they recommend you to test the stone by placing it under your pillow so that you can judge its effect. If something bad happens to you during the trial period or you see bad dreams, then natural sapphire jewelry is not for you. If the stone has positive effects on your life and you feel better, then you can consider wearing it without any hesitation. To check out the unique collection of Rainbow sapphire jewelry or get customized sapphire jewelry, please visit www.rainbowsapphirejewelers.com.


  • Some techniques to care and maintain Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry

    When you buy purchase rainbow sapphire jewelry, you hope that one day your children will inherit them, and perhaps pass them to the next generation. Well the good news is that this is possible; the dream of your rainbow sapphire jewelry going that far can be realized. The only thing you need to do is to actually have some techniques to care and maintain them. Then your descendants will be able to celebrate beauty.

    Like every material possession you have sapphire jewelry will need occasional grooming and cleaning so that it stays at its best. The following are some vital techniques to care and maintain your rainbow sapphire jewelry.


    Dirt and Oils- Such stains will lessen the beauty of the rainbow sapphire which will need to sparkle but since it’s stained by dirt and oil, this cannot possibly take place because the natural sheen of the rainbow sapphire has been reduced. The smallest bit of oil film will reduce its capacity to reflect light and affect its natural coloration.

    Precaution measures to take: Rainbow sapphire can easily be chipped by a really hard blow. Hence avoid putting on your sapphire rainbow jewelry while participating in rough work or any other heavy activity like sports.

    -          Make sure that you remove your rainbow sapphire jewelry when going for a hot bath, swimming, or Jacuzzi. Accumulation of chlorine could easily loosen off the prong that holds your rainbow sapphire ring for example and cause loosening. This also applies to other house hold bleaches therefore make sure you remove your sapphire jewelry when performing house chores. Basically, your white sapphire or any other sapphire jewelry can lose its luster by local toiletry items. This is an inclusion of such things as; lotions, powders, soaps, perfumes, and hair sprays.

    Cleaning- To clean yoursapphire jewelry, you can either buy jewelry cleaning kits, or make usage of regular household items.For the second option, all you need to do is to mix warm water and any mild detergent with a few drops of ammonia, go ahead and soak your white sapphire or any other natural sapphire jewelry in this solution for a few minutes to make the grime and oil loose. Then gently start cleaning clean your sapphire jewelry with something like an old eyebrow brush or toothbrush with soft bristles.Using some warm water, rinse offthe entire sudsy feel then dry with a lint-free cloth while trying not to touch your jewelry with your bare fingers.

    When it’s all dry then your sapphire jewelry will be ready to sparkle brightly as you wear it with your nice clothing. Should you choose to use the second option (using commercial jewelry cleaner)ensure that you properly read and adhere to the instructions provided on the label.

    Regular Checking- The continuous use of your rainbow sapphire jewelry might make its prongs or frames to be loose. By making regular checks on your rainbow sapphire jewelry, you can arrest the problem beforehand and get the right person to fix it before it’s too late.


  • How to value Rainbow sapphire jewelry

    Valuation of rainbow sapphire jewelry is a very complex process. A few things must be closely considered before the end price of rainbow sapphire jewelry is determined. One of the factors that are put under consideration is the color of the rainbow sapphire jewelry. It’s a fact that the colors of for example wedding rings for women that comes in various colors though the most common one is being blue, is more exciting than that of its counterpart the diamond. The wedding rings can also be found in other colors like purple and violet sapphires.

    It would be vital to look at some of the colors of the rainbow sapphire jewelry and how they affect the pricing. Many people for example believe that purple and violet are similar. However, they aren’t; they are two diverse hues. Purple is produced by a combination of red and blue while violet on the other hand is made out of blue and purple. What makes purple and violet sapphire rings interest many is its ability to change color. Purple rings will look violet under fluorescent light or sunlight. Violet rings, will turn purple under incandescent light. The violet rainbow sapphire is an example of how color can affect the pricing of rainbow sapphire jewelry, for they are more expensive than the rest.


    On the other hand, green rainbow sapphires are very rare and a lot of people do not know that they actually exist. Take an example of a unique wedding band made from green rainbow sapphire, the fact that it is rare would definitely determine its cost, and guess what, it would be more expensive than the other rainbow sapphires that are found around. This primarily shows that the rare the rainbow sapphire is the more it costs. Actually this has been the case for other high end jewelry made from gold and diamond. The fact that they are rare definitely affect the price of acquiring them becomes higher.

    Demand is also a big factor in the pricing of rainbow sapphire. A good example is the orange sapphire jewelry. Many yeas gone, orange rainbow sapphire was greatly undervalued. However this changed recently, when the orange color became highly demanded in fashion circles. Due to this reason, they became more valuable and the prices shot up the sky. Take another example of the colorless or transparent rainbow sapphires gemstones. Because of the high demand for the colored rainbow sapphire, the pricing for this sapphire gemstone that’s also commonly referred to as white gemstone has been really affected the result being that it has gone cheaper and cheaper by the day.

    The type of jewelry that the rainbow sapphire gemstones are used in also stands out as a major determinant in costing. An example would be when these gemstones have been used in the designing of unique wedding bands and women wedding rings. Due to the high demand and the importance that people have for weddings related jewelry, the cost would definitely move up the ladder.

  • Top 10 reasons to buy Rainbow sapphire Gemstone

    Rainbow sapphire have for many years been a major attraction for the human race. These amazing gemstones are just too beautiful to avoid. The owning of these stones has been related to very many reasons. From magical power to the jewelry of choice among many others- maybe you might have come across these rainbow sapphires in one way or another. A friend might have influenced you to acquire them, or maybe you came across them through some film or searches online. This discovery of the rainbow sapphire jewelry might have brought you a burning desire to have them. But it would be good to consider the ten reasons of why you need to buy the sapphire gemstone. And in this, we are going to future the reasons why the rainbow sapphire jewelry is the perfect choice for ladies and gentlemen.


    • A wedding they say is never done twice. Hence the first reason to buy the sapphire gemstone would definitely to make your wedding a memorable occasion. Sapphire jewelry includes wedding rings for women that are dazzling and very beautiful.
    • Rainbow sapphire gives one the courage and power needed in any function and in this case a wedding.
    • The unique wedding bands made from rainbow sapphire are eye catching emitting an array of dazzling colors that makes the beauty stand out.
    • Rainbow sapphire gemstones are rare and adorning them would give one a sense of complexity.
    • The wedding rings designed from this gemstone give a sense of prosperity. Remember that these beautiful stones are adorned by the highest and mightiest in the current world hence having them would definitely give one success.
    • Rainbow sapphire gemstones can make one evade evil spirits and bad omen. Throughout history these stones have been used as a sign for repelling bad spirits and bad luck. The power held by these stones is just too high to believe. The only way one can enjoy this is to buy and own them.
    • When courting a woman, a present of rings made from the rainbow sapphire gemstone works magic. By their sheer beauty the charm gives the lady a message that you are a serious man and the rest is just a success story to tell.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry is easy to clean. Though one should make sure that they are not wearing them when doing outdoor jobs, the gemstones are basically easy to take care of in normal circumstances. With some whipping and dusting then the piece of the jewelry will be back for use and still in its beauty and array of color.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry does not only fit the wedding rings and wedding bands. There are other choices that can be acquired which include chains and bungles. All you need is to check the gemstone jewelry that you need or that suits you and you will definitely get it.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstones fit very many occasions. They can also be good presents for a birthday, a graduation ceremony, child birth just to mention but a few.
  • Top 3 rainbow sapphire rings for men rings

    In case you’re wondering if all the rainbow sapphire engagement ring talk only means that sapphire rings are for women, then the answer is absolutely not. Men also hold a place in the sapphire world and there are a number of rings of various designs that can fit your finger and give you a stylish aura youtotally won’t see coming. So here’s a top three list of the best rainbow sapphire rings that fit into the tastes of any man.

    Rainbow Sapphire Double Row Eternity Ring 14K Yellow Gold (11ct tw)

    Now this is a beauty that you’ll fall in love with at first sight. It features a double dose of rows with beautiful sapphire stones all around the ring adding up to its breathtaking nature. The princess cut, 2.8mm rainbow sapphires surrounding the ring are of approximately 11 carats but that’s not the end of it all. A sweet thick 14K yellow gold stands tall and holds the sapphire pieces in place contributing to its splendid aesthetic effect and together with the 60 sapphire pieces on it, the ring proudly sits at the top of the list.


    Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Ring 14K Yellow Gold (5ct tw)

    If the double rows of sapphire seem too much for you than your next best option would be to grab the Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Ring 14K Yellow Gold. Thispiece retains the beloved 2.8mm princess cut rainbow sapphire pieces all around the ring tightly sandwichedin the impressive 14K yellow gold. The ring possesses an overall 5 carats and the number of precious stone glitters is at 26. It’s therefore simple enough to please any conserved man and still overly versatile to earn your name on the wall of fame.

    Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Ring 925 Sterling Silver (5ct tw)

    This piece suits the silver lover and it comes packed with 26 stunning pieces of rainbow sapphire all around its diameter. The 925 sterling silver gives it a fresh shiny look and the rainbow of colors further accentuates its beauty to ensure it properly emanates that aura of magnificence. Unlike the first two rings, this one holds a round sapphire cut of all the stones, is 5caracts in general and has a width of 4.15mm. However, silver is silver, a time will come when you need to polish it so as to keep it shiny and untarnished.

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