rainbow sapphire bracelet

  • Wholesale Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet

    If you are looking out for a pretty gift for your sweetheart, you can consider buying a sapphire bracelet. Women simply love jewelry and they admire anything exclusive such as rainbow sapphire jewelry. Bracelets are magnificent pieces of jewelry that come in a range of styles. From simple strings to sophisticated and charming bracelets for women, you can easily choose one that complements your wardrobe and look stunningly pretty. The bracelets add an extra appeal to all types of attires. Whether you need to wear a bracelet for everyday use, or a bracelet to match with your modern dress, you can have an amazing collection for every occasion.

    rainbow sapphire bracelet

    The rainbow sapphire jewelry is in and you just cannot miss to have a rainbow sapphire bracelet in your jewelry box. The bracelets are available in sterling silver, yellow gold, or white gold, as per your preference and liking. Sapphire bracelets have the ability to jazz up any outfit and make you glow. Bracelets are often overlooked as compared to rings, necklaces, and earrings; however, they are an amazing piece of jewelry that can adorn your wrist and make you feel complete. Besides women, men also like to wear bracelets and this makes the designers come up with astonishing rainbow sapphire jewelry signs that can suit them both. Bracelets for women are essential accessory and they always want them to be exclusive and unique. Whether you need to attend a formal function or just need to wear jewelry informally, you can always wear rainbow sapphire jewelry, which is rare and exquisite.

    By wearing rainbow sapphire bracelet, you can reveal your glamorous side and impress everyone. Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers is a reputed online store that offers exclusive, handmade collection of rainbow sapphire jewelry that includes earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets. They have most beautiful tennis bracelets and bezel set tennis bracelets in 14k and 18k white gold, yellow gold, and 925 sterling silver. You would not such a selection of single row, double row, triple and 4-row channel set bracelets for women and men anywhere else. They even stock sapphire and diamond bracelets that are as vibrant as your personality. These bracelets are available in 7 inches or 9 inches length to suit your requirements. Every sapphire bracelet has a snap closure to keep it secure on the arm.

    Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers have office in Bangkok and Thailand. They deal in 100% real, genuine and natural earth mined sapphire. They have proactive team of designs and technicians who strive to offer the best services and product. They are responsive and quickly accommodate the needs of customers while designing unique personal pieces for them. Their handmade rainbow sapphire jewelry is available at competitive prices and time frames. The Australian jeweler offers free shipping throughout the world. They make sure that your purchase reaches you safely. They offer the most reliable post-purchase services, which make them one of the most preferred online jewelers. If you have any special plans such as wedding or engagement and looking for rainbow sapphire wedding jewelry, then you must place the order in advance to avoid any delays. They directly deal with the customers without the assistance of any intermediary. Check out their collection of sapphire and diamond jewelry today.

  • How Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry brighten your day?

    Are you looking for an alternative to diamond jewelry? If yes, consider sapphire jewelry, which is in vogue these days. The brides and grooms all over the world look for stunning pieces that they can wear on their D-day and make a lasting impression on the guests and each other. Rainbow sapphire jewelry is bound to brighten your day, fill it with love, affection, and warmth. With its sparkling, vibrant colors and unique styles, sapphire jewelry makes everyone spellbound and why not? After all sapphire has its mystic powers, that not only attract you, but hold on your attention for long. What you seek when you look for wedding jewelry? Well, there are various things including size, shape, and intangible factors that appeal. The biggest factor that helps you decide on any jewelry is color.


    Although monochromatic jewelry looks stunning; however, colored jewelry has a great appeal. Sapphire is a birthstone, not with standing the fact that there is a plethora of stunning pieces of monochromatic jewelry, it is the colorful pieces that really push the right buttons and place a smile on your face. Color generates emotions above and beyond those created from looking at a piece of “plain” jewelry. And this is not at all surprising. Color has long been associated with emotion – hope you haven’t been feeling blue today.

    Lime green, magenta, orange, brown, cognac, violet and all colors in between, are classified as rare and unique sapphire colors. Paradoxically, these rainbow-colored gems are necessarily expensive although they are often one of a kind. Market demand for these gemstones is driven by collectors who purchase them for their individuality and personality.

    Color in Gemstones

    The most popular and best known gemstone is diamonds. Although there are numerous types of colored diamonds that cover the color spectrum, most people are unaware that these colors exist and are only aware of the colorless gems. Colored diamonds, as a rule of thumb, greatly exceed the value of colorless stones as they are much rarer.

    This brings us to the lesser known but no less beautiful gemstones. Vying for preeminence with diamonds in the pantheon of great gemstones are emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. “Ruby red” and “emerald green” are expressions often used in day to day that have crossed the language divide and to epitomize the depth of a certain color. “Sapphire blue” is yet another expression used to describe the depth of the color blue; however, in this instance, the description may not be completely accurate.

    Rainbow Sapphires

    The color of sapphires runs the spectrum of the rainbow. Coming in an infinite range of tones and hues of pink, red, gold, green, blue, gray, purple, and white, these stunning colors are something that only nature could create.

    Rainbow Sapphire jewelers are few and far between. To create a Rainbow Sapphire ring, Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet, or Rainbow Sapphire earrings and integrate all the colors with the design elements takes a certain skill and eye that a designer is born with and cannot be developed.

    The finest rainbow sapphires emanate from the Umba River Valley in Tanzania. They are beautiful and possess immaculate color, and are highly prized by those in the know. Rainbow sapphire jewelry is in great demand – and for good reason; it is unique, rare, and the color generates emotions that only color can generate.

  • Some techniques to care and maintain Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry

    When you buy purchase rainbow sapphire jewelry, you hope that one day your children will inherit them, and perhaps pass them to the next generation. Well the good news is that this is possible; the dream of your rainbow sapphire jewelry going that far can be realized. The only thing you need to do is to actually have some techniques to care and maintain them. Then your descendants will be able to celebrate beauty.

    Like every material possession you have sapphire jewelry will need occasional grooming and cleaning so that it stays at its best. The following are some vital techniques to care and maintain your rainbow sapphire jewelry.


    Dirt and Oils- Such stains will lessen the beauty of the rainbow sapphire which will need to sparkle but since it’s stained by dirt and oil, this cannot possibly take place because the natural sheen of the rainbow sapphire has been reduced. The smallest bit of oil film will reduce its capacity to reflect light and affect its natural coloration.

    Precaution measures to take: Rainbow sapphire can easily be chipped by a really hard blow. Hence avoid putting on your sapphire rainbow jewelry while participating in rough work or any other heavy activity like sports.

    -          Make sure that you remove your rainbow sapphire jewelry when going for a hot bath, swimming, or Jacuzzi. Accumulation of chlorine could easily loosen off the prong that holds your rainbow sapphire ring for example and cause loosening. This also applies to other house hold bleaches therefore make sure you remove your sapphire jewelry when performing house chores. Basically, your white sapphire or any other sapphire jewelry can lose its luster by local toiletry items. This is an inclusion of such things as; lotions, powders, soaps, perfumes, and hair sprays.

    Cleaning- To clean yoursapphire jewelry, you can either buy jewelry cleaning kits, or make usage of regular household items.For the second option, all you need to do is to mix warm water and any mild detergent with a few drops of ammonia, go ahead and soak your white sapphire or any other natural sapphire jewelry in this solution for a few minutes to make the grime and oil loose. Then gently start cleaning clean your sapphire jewelry with something like an old eyebrow brush or toothbrush with soft bristles.Using some warm water, rinse offthe entire sudsy feel then dry with a lint-free cloth while trying not to touch your jewelry with your bare fingers.

    When it’s all dry then your sapphire jewelry will be ready to sparkle brightly as you wear it with your nice clothing. Should you choose to use the second option (using commercial jewelry cleaner)ensure that you properly read and adhere to the instructions provided on the label.

    Regular Checking- The continuous use of your rainbow sapphire jewelry might make its prongs or frames to be loose. By making regular checks on your rainbow sapphire jewelry, you can arrest the problem beforehand and get the right person to fix it before it’s too late.


  • Rainbow sapphire bracelets with diamonds

    There is nothing thrilling like walking into a jewelry store and coming out having purchased a dazzling rainbow sapphire bracelet. This rainbow sapphire jewelry is a treasure for both the wearers and collectors. Available in array of sparkling colors, the bracelets with diamond provide uniqueness in fashion spheres that untouchable.

    The rainbow sapphire bracelet with diamond is a combination that gives sophistication to the owner combined with an air of mystic power and all the goodness that goes that with these jewelries. The sapphire qualities that are both ancient and current have survived the test of time. Having been a choice of the ancient Kings and Queens and in some part the highest powers in religious circles, the gemstone jewelry carries with it amazing super qualities that when combined with diamonds, they are just beyond words!

    Sapphire has been for long used as birthstone and hence this rainbow sapphire has been presented as a present before or after childbirth. After childbirth as a symbol that the child has been born in a certain month and before birth as a sign of fertility and good luck during the birth process- those that fit such presentation are available at the jewelry store.


    In ancient India and Greece, the rainbow sapphire was surrounded by many mystic beliefs that highly valued them, making them affordable to the high and might in the society. It was believed that these rainbow sapphire offered protection against bad luck and that they would protect one from evil magical powers. The adorners of sapphire jewelry were placed high in the society and referred to as the protected ones. In India, they have been used for religious reasons. It was believed that the sapphire rainbow assist one in acquiring the highest level of spiritual powers by realizing themselves. This also was a positive quality that shot the sapphire rainbow jewelry to stardom. The qualities of the sapphire stone are many. All this plus its beauty is a unique combination. Imagine what the combination would be between it and the rare diamond crystal would be.

    Rainbow sapphire and diamond bracelets bring together the taste of high fashion selection. The jewelry is actually above the rim as far as choices are concerned. Though popularized by showbiz stars and magazine covers, more and more fashion conscious people are currently turning this great jewelry into their lifestyles. They both came with an air of complexity and admiration for the adorners, not to forget mentioning the charm and confidence that goes with them.

    Acquiring this jewelry from the jewelry shop is one big step that those who love fashion and admirers have never regretted to take. The attention that one gets and the queries that they respond too reveals to them that they have not made a bad selection after all- the two jewelry are and historically been sought after by many people. The designers who came up with this unique jewelry combination targeted elite with sophisticated selection as far as fashion are concerned, but the result has been different. More and more people have looked for and walked out of the jewelry shop having purchased the amazing jewelry.

  • Top 10 reasons to buy Rainbow sapphire Gemstone

    Rainbow sapphire have for many years been a major attraction for the human race. These amazing gemstones are just too beautiful to avoid. The owning of these stones has been related to very many reasons. From magical power to the jewelry of choice among many others- maybe you might have come across these rainbow sapphires in one way or another. A friend might have influenced you to acquire them, or maybe you came across them through some film or searches online. This discovery of the rainbow sapphire jewelry might have brought you a burning desire to have them. But it would be good to consider the ten reasons of why you need to buy the sapphire gemstone. And in this, we are going to future the reasons why the rainbow sapphire jewelry is the perfect choice for ladies and gentlemen.


    • A wedding they say is never done twice. Hence the first reason to buy the sapphire gemstone would definitely to make your wedding a memorable occasion. Sapphire jewelry includes wedding rings for women that are dazzling and very beautiful.
    • Rainbow sapphire gives one the courage and power needed in any function and in this case a wedding.
    • The unique wedding bands made from rainbow sapphire are eye catching emitting an array of dazzling colors that makes the beauty stand out.
    • Rainbow sapphire gemstones are rare and adorning them would give one a sense of complexity.
    • The wedding rings designed from this gemstone give a sense of prosperity. Remember that these beautiful stones are adorned by the highest and mightiest in the current world hence having them would definitely give one success.
    • Rainbow sapphire gemstones can make one evade evil spirits and bad omen. Throughout history these stones have been used as a sign for repelling bad spirits and bad luck. The power held by these stones is just too high to believe. The only way one can enjoy this is to buy and own them.
    • When courting a woman, a present of rings made from the rainbow sapphire gemstone works magic. By their sheer beauty the charm gives the lady a message that you are a serious man and the rest is just a success story to tell.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry is easy to clean. Though one should make sure that they are not wearing them when doing outdoor jobs, the gemstones are basically easy to take care of in normal circumstances. With some whipping and dusting then the piece of the jewelry will be back for use and still in its beauty and array of color.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry does not only fit the wedding rings and wedding bands. There are other choices that can be acquired which include chains and bungles. All you need is to check the gemstone jewelry that you need or that suits you and you will definitely get it.
    • The rainbow sapphire gemstones fit very many occasions. They can also be good presents for a birthday, a graduation ceremony, child birth just to mention but a few.
  • The hottest tennis bracelets to look hot this summer

    Summer’s up and it’s time to get things cranking in the fashion world. A couple of changes can be made to your daily wear but one of the most significant one would be the kind of bracelet you get on. If you want to feel your best then you really have to get the best and one of the greatest favors you can do to yourself is getting a tennis bracelet but not just any other kind, a rainbow sapphire tennis bracelet.

    You see with these bracelets, you get a dynamic range of designs and you are guaranteed of finding one that matches your every desire, actually most of them will. You’ll even have a problem of picking out one. Well, the basic makeup of these bracelets is a set of stones all round it but this doesn’t mean they’re all going to be the same. You could have multiple layers of the stones or get a mix up the sapphire stones of different shapes and sizes to create an overwhelming beautiful and stunning look.


    The gift these bracelets offer is timelessness. You are assured that getting one of these babies would have you looking hot for the rest of eternity as they do not fade or lose touch. You could even give it a name for all it matters because you’ll stick to it for a really long time. So remember to get something that doesn’t grab your wrist too tight because this is something you really don’t want to outgrow.

    Check the weight of your bracelet before signing the check. The last mistake you’ll want to make is getting a 4 gram bracelet which won’t even last you long enough to show off to your friends. A sweet over 10 grams is quality assurance and a guarantee for lasting on your wrist but a lightweight one may break in no time.

    The multicolor on the sapphire bracelet would not only serve to appeal to the eye when it sparkles and glitters in light but it also ensures you match up with all your wear. You don’t have to be stuck in a dilemma of which clothes to wear each day and then also start thinking of which bracelet to put on, life is really not that unfair. With this sapphire bracelet, you don’t even have to think twice. Put it on and shine.

    If you are thinking of a bracelet to get this summer think no more. A rainbow sapphire bracelet is your answered prayer, a gift from the gods.

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