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  • The 7 Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry Sold In 2012

    Did you ever wonder what some of the most expensive jewelry items and gemstone sold this year were? This list contains the top 7 pieces auctioned this year at Sotheby’s.

    Sotheby’s employees came up with some of these slightly weird product names, in case you’re wondering.



    Price: 3,834,500 CHF (~ USD 4,059,000)
    Location: Geneva, Switzerland

    This stunning diamond ring was sold on May 15, 2012 in Geneva for about $4,059,000. The ring is set with an oval step-cut diamond weighting 36.43 carats (size 52).



    Price: 32,020,000 HKD (~ USD 4,131,000)
    Location: Hong Kong

    This unmounted brilliant-cut diamond was sold in Hong Kong on October 9, 2012 for about $4,131,000. It weights 20.22 carats.



    Price: 4,618,500 CHF (~ USD 4,889,000)
    Location: Geneva, Switzerland

    This V-shaped necklace was sold in Geneva on May 15, 2012 for about $4,889,000. Its biggest diamond is pear-shaped and weights 41.4 carats.


    4. SUPERB DIAMOND NECKLACE - $5,143,000

    Price: 39,860,000 HKD (~ USD 5,143,000)
    Location: Hong Kong

    This necklace was sold in Hong Kong on October 9, 2012 for about $5,143,000. It is composed of 36 brilliant-cut diamonds ranging from 1.25 to 6.19 carats. All diamonds combined weigh 88.88 carats.



    Price: 5,122,500 CHF (~ USD 5,422,000)
    Location: Geneva

    This ring, which was sold in Geneva on May 15, 2012 for approximately USD 5,422,000, features a purple-pink brilliant-cut diamond weighing 3.71 and a set of marquise-shaped rubies.


    2. THE BEAU SANCY - $9,572,000

    Price: 9,042,500 CHF (~ USD 9,572,000)
    Location: Geneva

    This pear double rose-cut diamond weighting 34.98 carats was sold in Geneva on May 15, 2012 for about $9,572,000



    Price: 99,220,000 HKD (~ USD 12,800,000)
    Location: Hong Kong

    This year’s most expensive piece of jewelry sold by Sotheby’s was sold for a whopping $12,800,000 in Hong Kong on April 3, 2012. A square emerald-cut blue diamond weighing 8.01 carats centers the ring. Each side is flanked by one smaller diamond that each weight about 0.5 carat. The ring is made out of platinum.



    What do you think? Do you feel like some of these gemstones or pieces of jewelery are overprized? What's your favorite?

  • Gay Pride Jewelry At RainbowSapphireJewelers

    The growth in the use of gay pride jewelry is directly linked to the massive advances in laws regarding the LGBT (=lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community, especially the introduction of same-sex marriage in different countries across the globe, which already added colorful rings to the hands of many happy couples.

    Marriage is very important to every individual and couple as it bonds them officially and religiously too, if their church allows so. Nearly all the delays in passing laws that give these couples the basic right of marriage are due to churches’ blind beliefs that homosexuality is a sin. This is clearly the beliefs of one group stepping over the personal lives of millions of people, something unacceptable.

    Every person, be male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or transgender, should have the same options, and putting a golden or silver ring around their loved one’s finger should be one of them. And a rainbow being the symbol of LGBT people and gay pride, it makes total sense that a LGBT couple would want rainbow-colored stones on their engagement rings, wedding rings or jewelry, and for a good price.


    The rainbow flag, designed by Gilbert Baker, was first seen in San Francisco’s gay pride in 1978. In the beginning there were eight colors (hot pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet), each symbolizing one thing. It is interesting to note that the hot pink was dropped because it was hard to find hot pink fabric back then. Today, the six colored rainbow pride flag (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet) is seen as the standard version, and is the most widespread. There are many interpretations why the rainbow was chosen as a symbol for the flag, one of the most popular versions being that it was due to Judy Garland, a massive gay icon, singing “Over The Rainbow”.

    Judy Garland became a gay icon due to her struggles in her personal life, with which gay men identified. An interesting story is that, many years ago, gay people would be referred to as Dorothy’s friends because of Garland’s unforgettable role as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Even if she herself wasn’t an explicit supporter of gay rights, she had still stated that she sings for people and she doesn’t care about their orientation.

    An event to always wear gay jewelry to is the biggest event of each LGBT person’s calendar, the funky and colorful Gay Pride parade, where it is always very stylish to wear something rainbow. Gay pride jewelry goes well with the often handcrafted outfits people spend a good while planning and designing, choosing the message they want to spread, often something personal or political. Seen from above, gay pride often looks like a rainbow wonderland made of candy, where every LGBT person is free to express themselves.

    Pride is still very important in our world today, as we still have countries which not only refuse to change their laws to include the LGBT community, but who are doing new inhuman laws such as Russia’s “anti-gay” law. As the rainbow flag is a gay symbol, every rainbow is now considered a symbol of “gay propaganda” to the government. Anything which has a rainbow is now banned in Russia. There was a recent scandal in St. Petersburg about a popular old dairy brand having a rainbow in their logo, which was interpreted as “gay propaganda”.

    Thankfully a lot of countries give people the freedom to show themselves, including the US, where up to 2003 homosexual relationships were illegal in many states and until 2011 lesbian, gay and bisexual people weren’t able to serve openly in the military - something that still stands for the transgender community.

    Weddings, engagements and civil partnerships are a big deal as well. LGBT people are accepted in some countries and have been for many years, but there are still difficulties, and stylish rainbow gems will remind you of who you are and that our society, despite some countries moving backwards, is moving forwards and soon enough we will achieve equality and no one will have to believe that they are a heavy burden for society or a disgrace for their church and family.

    However, not all states have accepted gay marriage yet, so the rainbow symbol holds very high meaning and the choice of symbolic jewelry is evident.

    Besides rainbows, very popular designs in gay jewelry are two mars or two venus symbols, showing two men or two women in a relationship. Transgender people are also very important part of our society, and the transgender symbol is also used to show pride. The Trans community has always been vital to the LGBT movement and it is awful that there still exists discrimination within the LGBT community towards Trans people as they are people as well and they also face difficulties within our world. In many countries it is considered shameful to be transgender not only by the population, but by the country’s laws as well.

    Rainbow jewelry is a perfect addition for everyday pride to show off one’s true colors, and the rainbow is the modern symbol for equal rights.

    And why everyday? Because LGBT people still face difficulties daily and it is important to remember who you are. Even if it may seem that a lot of people are straight, it is not the case as a lot are closeted or simply do not know that being gay is OK, or that your gender may not match your sex. Also, the Kinsey Scale, a scale which shows how sexuality has more gray areas than it is thought to have, should always be minded.

    Sexuality isn’t just “straight, bisexual, gay”. The case that a person is 100% heterosexual or 100% homosexual exists, but it is far less common than a person who is not 100% of either side. We are all people who are attracted to people.

    Rainbow jewelry will brighten your day and it doesn’t matter what gender you are (or if you fit into a gender at all); we are all people, LGBT or not, and we all have pride in who we are. Rainbow bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, ankle accessories and rings, handcrafted with high quality stainless steel, silver, enamel and gems are an amazing addition for your style to show that equal rights can be achieved, that we are all human and even if it is taking a while and stupid stereotypes and laws still exist, love will prevail like it always should. And once equality is fully achieved, and no one will take it away, because we know who we are and we love who we are.

    Gay Pride Jewelry & Rings

    gay pride jewelry

    Here at RainbowSapphireJewelers we create beautiful rainbow jewelry and rings popular with both straight and gay people. A lot of our customers wear our jewelry as gay pride jewelry. While our default rainbow-color scheme isn't the same as the gay pride flag we can customize your jewelry so it looks like the gay pride flag.

    A selection of products you might enjoy:

    All our products come with free shipping and 365 day guarantee.

  • Gay Wedding Rings For Love

    Are you engayged? The love between two gay people is something extra special. It is the culmination of understanding oneself, resisting prejudice, coming out, challenging social norms, and claiming the right to be publicly in each other’s arms. Liberated lovers mark the commitment with a ceremony, in which they exchange gay wedding rings as a token of their everlasting friendship.

    A Kaleidoscope of Choices

    There are at least as many ways to marry as there are colors in the gay flag. While we have not quite reached the stage where church bells ring our bravely, many priests are happy to participate. Some couples prefer to avoid the fuss and go through a civil ceremony. Still more are happiest to exchange gay wedding rings in a romantic setting, or in the privacy of their homes.

    Gay Friendly Wedding Destinations

    If you want to get married, a gay wedding is the perfect excuse to take a holiday, and share the things you always wanted but could not quite find the time for. The following destinations are just suggestions. The right place is anywhere it feels good to pause, and slip on same-sex wedding rings together.

    • 1. There is something memorable about holidaying on an island, for it turns exotic moments into something truly special. In 2012, Saba Island in the Caribbean decided that being gay or lesbian openly was okay. Since then, the community has flocked there in increasing numbers, adding a little loving to attractions that include scuba diving and hiking out in nature and wearing LGBT wedding or engagement rings together.

    • 2. Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema Beach has long been a great place for partners to strut their stuff and check the talent out together. The rainbow people are flocking there to publicly declare their love, and exchange gay wedding rings to seal the moment. Following that, they can join street festivals for endless nights of dancing, or envelop themselves in luscious mountain scenery where they can be alone.

    • 3. The French have always been an easy-going nation when it comes to vive la difference, and now you can do it publicly at a wedding ceremony in Montpellier on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. No wonder so many gay weddings are held there each year. The climate is great, and an arty vibe infuses everything including cool local summer wines. Winters can get cool too, so you may like to spend the time tucked up in bed, after shopping for gay wedding rings hand in hand.

    • 4. New Zealand just legalized gay marriage, although it has always had an easy-going attitude to those who prefer to be the way they are down under. Aptly named gay capital Queenstown took Victoria's name when they found a seam of gold there. These days there are other treasures to share, including spring flowers, gorgeous summers, and boutiques filled with rainbow pride jewelry of every conceivable kind. This is a very popular place to hold your wedding ceremony.

    Whether you decide to marry at an exotic destination, keep it in the family or exchange vows over a romantic meal together, the next step is to choose a wedding ring. It is tough enough finding perfect lovers. The rest should be simpler, so let us look around and see what is on offer.

    Should Gay Wedding Rings Match?

    Should partners' rings match? All gay people are definitely not the same and as usual there are several opinions. Two schools of thought diverge. One line of reasoning is that each ring should match their wearers’ inner selves. Another says that partners ought to share everything because they are twin stars in their universe together. If you are unable to decide, consider variations on a similar theme.gay wedding rings

    Narrowing Down the Choice

    Gay wedding rings should feel as good as being married and lying in bed together, and doing whatever grabs your fancy. They are going to have to last a lifetime like your love. This means factoring your lifestyles into the decision.

    • Folk who work with their hands like masseurs, hairdressers and beauty therapists need practical designs that do not interrupt the flow.

    • Gay people with robust roles in industries like construction and manufacturing, need to wear gay wedding rings that can take the knocks.

    • Not all wedding ring styles are suitable for work and leisure. Consider buying two sets, one for regular use and one for partying all night long.

    Feeling Good About It

    Gay wedding rings must feel comfortable all day long. If neither party has worn a ring continuously before, then there are practical aspects to consider too. Number one is to choose a ring design that has a gentle curve on the inside, so you can bend your finger without being aware of it. Avoid anything wider than seven millimeters unless you can tolerate a looser fit. This can be critical for larger finger sizes.

    Your Choice of Precious Metals

    • Golden gay wedding rings come in a choice of exciting tones including yellow, white and rose. Rings with higher karat ratings age better over time.

    • Softer silver makes a perfect second ring for party time. However is does require higher maintenance, for it may turn black without a regular polish.

    • Titanium is a popular choice for gay wedding rings, especially where a robust lifestyle demands a product that is dent and scratch resistant.

    • Platinum is the choice among wedding rings for men who prefer the heavier chunkier feel, and the longer wearing characteristics.

    Everything ages over time and that goes for wedding bands and other jewelry too. Stay together for a lifetime, and they become a diary of fulfilled promises, and a memory of good times shared together.

    The Big Decision

    These helpful hints come to you with compliments of Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers, established in 1979 and with headquarters in Bangkok in Thailand. Their products include bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings – and of course the glittering gay wedding rings that illustrate this article.

    We can also help you create a custom engagement or wedding ring for you and your partner.

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