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  • Why to purchase Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry

    Rainbow sapphire jewelry has for many years been a major attraction. These amazing gemstones are too beautiful to even think of avoiding them. The reasons of why one needs to purchase these stones are many. It all depends to what you like or admire about the rainbow sapphire jewelry.  They are perhaps hundreds of reasons for purchasing these amazing rainbow sapphire from magical power to the jewelry of choice among many others- you might have come across rainbow sapphires jewelry in one way or another. Either a friend or a family member may have made an influence on you to purchase them, or maybe you came across them by watching them on either some film, a tabloid or through numerous online jewelry stores that place their ads on the net. The capturing beauty of the sapphire jewelry might have just made you have that in-depth desire to own them. Let’s look at the most vital points as to why to purchase sapphire jewelry. But it would be good to consider the ten reasons of why you need to buy the sapphire gemstone.


    • To have a memorable wedding ceremony (as they say wedding are never done twice) you would definitely need rainbow jewelry to color it up. The rainbow jewelry includes engagement rings and wedding rings for both the bride and the bridegroom. Their sparkling effect when exposed to light would just be what you need to capture admiration and add to the magic of the moment. Rainbow sapphire gives one the courage and power needed in any function and in this case a wedding.
    • To add on this the wedding would also get even more color from the unique sapphire jewelry wedding bands that actually are eye catching emitting an array of dazzling colors that makes the beauty stand out.
    • Another reason as to why you should purchase rainbow sapphire jewelry is that the gemstone is very rare and adorning them would give one a sense of complexity.
    • The wedding rings designed from this gemstone give a sense of prosperity. Remember that these beautiful stones are adorned by the highest and mightiest in the current world hence having them would definitely give one success.
    • The fact that rainbow sapphire jewelry has the qualities of sapphire that’s known to make one evade evil spirits and bad omen should be perhaps another reason as to why you should purchase them. Throughout history these stones have been used as a sign for repelling bad spirits and bad luck. The power within these amazing stones is just too high to believe. You can enjoy this by purchasing any of the sapphire jewelry.
    • During the courtship period (perhaps the best time for lovers) a present of an engagement ring made from rainbow sapphire is just what lovers need. Sapphire is believed to posses some charm within it that will make you actually get a YES! For an answer.
    • Lastly, the rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry is easy to clean. Though one should ensure that they are not worn when participating in tough outdoor jobs, with some whipping and dusting the piece of the jewelry will be back for use and still in its beauty and array of color.


  • How a Rainbow Sapphire Ring Can Make You a Showstopper

    Haven’t given a thought to sapphire gems for your jewelry and accessories? It is one of the rarest and hardest minerals and offers great value for money. Diamonds are very expensive and most other gems come in one or two colors that are often pale. Sapphires, on the other hand are much less expensive than diamonds and come in a range of beautiful and dazzling colors to suit anyone’s personal style.

    Their durability, hardness, shine and wide variety of colors have made them an excellent and popular choice for engagement rings too. Sapphires are also becoming popular among fashionistas for their excellent and deep colors and the fact that they are relatively inexpensive despite being among the most valuable gemstones. Sapphire rings in colors like blue, green, deep red and orange are now being sought-after by trend setters looking for accessible, yet luxurious accessories.


    A rainbow sapphire ring is the perfect accessory

     While most jewelers stick to one color when making jewelry and accessories out of sapphires, a rainbow sapphire ring has sapphires of various colors. The colors and the color gradients are used cleverly to create the effect of a rainbow using just sapphire gemstones. So, when you buy a Rainbow sapphire ring, it will have yellow, red, green, blue, pink and purple and sometimes even white sapphires to emulate the rainbow effect.

    By using different colored sapphires,rainbow sapphire rings look youthful, yet elegant and they are completely unique. The sapphires are arranged in delicate patterns and in such a way that they reflect the gradual change in colors, just like in a rainbow. Best of all, you can match these rings with different types of outfits making them perfect for formal, informal and fun events, as well as everyday use.

    Rainbow sapphire rings also have sapphires set in a variety of precious metals. You can get white gold, silver, yellow gold and rose gold Rainbow rings. This means that Rainbow sapphire rings can be elegant, funky, simple, edgy and beautiful and you will be spoilt for choice. These rings are all hand-crafted show-stoppers and what's more, they could be yours at extremely affordable prices. Master jewelers based in Bangkok craft these rings following the strictest jewelry making standards. Most importantly, you can be sure that the gemstones used in the rings are completely conflict-free.

  • About White Sapphire Engagement Rings

    This is one of the finest gemstones on the planet, white sapphire engagement ring will make your bride speechless immediately she sees the sparkling engagement ring you have made a selection of for her. Expect her to cry out YES!!!Make a choice of whitesapphire engagement ring that fitsher personality and an announcement to the world about your bond as a couple. A sapphire engagement ring has a wide choice of hues from almost nude, bright hot pink to pink.

    There are high chances that your spouse adores pink (as many do) and in most cases has this color surrounding her in her bedroom through the selection of curtains, bedcovers etc. But the allure of white sapphire engagement rings or the white gold engagement ring will actually capture her. These are but amazing pieces of art and beauty that carry with them the natural qualities of sapphire gemstone. Maybe the color has come in her dream about the two of you having a fairytale wedding in those colors don’t mind.


    The basic cost of a white sapphire engagement ring is said to be the same as a two month earning. There has been a wide selection of weddings in pink and green theme. This is a brilliant combination of feminine and masculine hues. It is very natural for a beautiful girl to be in pink even though with engagement rings, there are several types to choose from, they include the white gold engagement ring, and the white sapphire engagement rings.

    The sapphire engagement ring as the gemstone itself is mostly linked to be a qualification of loyalty, honesty and faithfulness. This is why it is a favorite choice for engagement rings. The sapphire engagement rings got its share of popularity during the Prince Charles presentation to Lady Diana with an oval sapphire engagement ring which was surrounded by14 diamonds for their engagement.

    Pink Sapphires engagement rings are provided in oval, round or rectangular shapes. Sapphires by itself is hardy, with a measurement of are quite hard, measuring 9 on the Mohs scale, with the diamond being the only gem that is harder than it. Sapphire is tactually the birthstone for the month of September, and belongs to the same gem family as the ruby.

    The sapphire engagement rings carry with them the natural attributes of the sapphire gemstone (as mentioned earlier).The star sapphire for example- called so due to the appearance of a sparkle in its center has for a long time been thought to be a love charm.  The bands of light across the stone that created the star like appearance are said to represent destiny and hope.

    The sapphires gemstone are said to have given wisdom and protection to generations of Kings. In olden times, priests often used it in order to assist them to make predicationof the future. Biblically, it was one of the twelve stones given to Moses to place in the breastplate of Aaron. Sapphires gemstones were also kept in the foundation of the walls of Jerusalem.

  • Multi colored Rainbow Sapphire Tennis Bracelets

    There is nothing thrilling like walking into a jewelry store and coming out having purchased a dazzling rainbow sapphire bracelet. This rainbow sapphire jewelry actually a piece of beauty for both who wear them on occasions and the collectors. The rainbow sapphire tennis bracelet gives one an air of sophistication to the owner; this combined with the mystic power therein makes it a perfect sapphire jewelry fit for sports. For most of sports that are played out-door like lawn tennis, the rainbow sapphire bracelets will display an array of beautiful coloration that will win the player a lot of admiration. The qualities of sapphire jewelry have stood the test of time. This jewelry has been in the vital collection of Kings and Queens and highest powers in religious circles, they include sapphire rings, and many other assortments of rainbow sapphire jewelry.



    When considering purchasing a sapphire tennis bracelet for someone you love, you should have in mind the fact that sapphire has been for long used as birthstone for the month of September therefore it can turn out to be a perfect present for those born within this month. The rainbow sapphire jewelry can be also presented when a child is born as a sign of longevity, or even before birth as a symbol of fertility.


    In olden Greece and India, the rainbow sapphire had many mystic beliefs placed behind it and were actually highly valued making them out of reach and only available to the high and mighty in the society. It was believed that the gemstone gave protection against bad luck and that it would give protection against evil. Those that could afford to wear a sapphire jewelry were believed to be the protected ones and were basically highly placed in the society. These powers are still present in any sapphire jewelry including the sapphire tennis bracelet, for those who believe in them. But, all agreed as researchers have shown, adorning a sapphire tennis bracelet in an important tennis game like the finals would win one an admiration from the fans and perhaps they will cheer you to your success.


    Rainbow sapphire bracelets can be worn with a pair of sapphire rainbow rings to add to the beauty. For men, you can possibly try the bracelets with some studs and the look would be just amazing. Combining rainbow sapphire bracelets with other sapphire jewelry could come out to be an eye catching look.

    The rainbow sapphire tennis bracelets are not only designed for tennis, but they are amazing sapphire jewelry that can be worn on other occasions. Imagine going to the beach on a sunny day in a short sleeved shirt and a rainbow sapphire bracelet on your arm? Nice? Basically the sapphire jewelry will sparkle in the sunlight and you can’t avoid the looks of admiration that you will get from onlookers.

    Have this rainbow sapphire tennis bracelets in any special occasion that you feel like, as pointed out, this is not only a sports jewelry but it fits well in the occasions you choose. Just make sure you display it well.

  • Rainbow Sapphire: A modern gem and jewelry collection

    Sapphire is actually all corundum- aluminum oxide that is not red. The word is primarily derived from the Greek ‘sappheiros’ whose meaning is blue. However, one needs to put in mind the fact that sapphire does not occur only in blue hue. Rainbow sapphires can be green, brown, brown, and pink, this highly depends on the presence of various kinds of minerals. A good example is that, the presence of chromium leads to the production of pink sapphire and the presence of iron results in yellow and green rainbow sapphires which are very good for modern jewelry.


    Rainbow sapphires are majorly found in Australia, although some countries like Sri Lanka, India and Burma have them. Indian sapphires source is Kashmir. These sapphires are cornflower blue in color and are said to be actually the best blue sapphires for gemstone jewelry. Sri Lankan rainbow sapphires are the most available and are typically light to rainbow jewelrymedium blue in color which is very common on online jewelry stores. The majority of fancy-colored rainbow sapphires available in the jewelry stores online are from Sri Lanka. The most available of these fancy rainbow sapphires are yellow, or golden, and pink in color. The pinkish orange ones are the rarest and most expensive in modern jewelry.

    Rainbow sapphires found in Thailand and Australia, are dark blue in hue. The gemstone jewelry gotten from these two countries primarily belong to the type of the cheap to average cost range of rainbow sapphire gemstone jewelry in the stores. Montana on the other hand is the single most sources of rainbow sapphires in the United States. The rainbow sapphire produced is of an appealing metallic blue in hue.

    Most of the modern rainbow sapphire gemstone has had their hue improved, by the most common method, heating. The reason for doing this is to give an enrichment of coloration and improvement of its clarity. With this method of heat treatment colorless or paled-colored sapphire gemstones have been changed to brilliant blue or yellow ones. This is highly dependent on the originality of the material and the kind of heating process, heating of sapphire gemstones can lead to the production of various results. A good example is sapphires that have rutile -titanium dioxide crystals which can be treated by heating and at the same time being cooled quickly. This results in the dissolving of the rutile into the corundum and the gemstone becoming vivid. Colorless or pale-colored gemstones after undergoing heating in the absence of oxygen would change to deep blue color. However, you should put in mind that, if these stones are being heated in the oxygen presence, they would change into very deep yellow hue. Most yellow rainbow sapphires have been treated in this way.

    Sapphire gemstones designer jewelry is considered beautiful, rare and very much durable. The beauty of a rainbow sapphire gemstone is undiminished with time. A sapphire gemstone could sparkle in many years to come. It has lasting value and is well liked by many as a choice for modern jewelry.

  • Rainbow Sapphire Hoop Earrings

    Sapphire hoop earrings provide an array of colorful selection to the buyers. These hoops earrings are found in shades of pink, green, yellow, orange, and blue as per demand. Padparadscha is also a type of sapphire which is an intriguing pink and orange color that the hoop earrings can be found in- the name is derived from the name of Sinhalese for a type of lotus flower giving a suggestion that its source is Sri Lanka. However, buyers of sapphire hoop earrings should be careful if in case they are given orange sapphire hoop earrings as padparadscha and pink ones that have been treated with beryllium, to give the same impression as the real one.

    Some of the sapphire hoop earrings are designed from star sapphires which are seen with rutiles inside the sapphire crystal. Rutiles are organized in such a way that they resemble a six ray star. This phenomenon is actually known as asterism. For exciting and always memorable occasions like her bachelorette party, what can be the most fascinating and enthralling gift offered to your loved bride-to-be, than a marvel sapphire hoop earrings? Since blue rainbow sapphire is most popular among the other colored rainbow sapphires, others too, make a good deal of business and have a fair cost.


    Hoop earring designs like blue rainbow sapphire solitaire studs in white gold are an all time favorite with younger and older generations of women. Another dazzling delight comes as princess and pear pink rainbow sapphire and diamond hoop earrings in white gold hoop earrings for women and pink rainbow sapphire flower earrings in white gold. Pink color with motion, as an accentuation in its sparkling or gleaming effect, adds star to its looks. This whole magic looks whole with these sapphire hoop earrings accessorized with your best dress or your formal dressing.

    The sapphire hoop earrings are found at unbelievable discounted price, yellow gold hoop earrings for women, studded with inclusion of both blue and pink sapphire hoop earrings make eye-catching jewelry for you. The white gold design produces a fluorescent glow through the gemstones on the other hand yellow gives sun-kissed yellow warmth through the light reflected by pink or blue rainbow sapphire hoop earrings.

    Combine these sapphire hoop earrings magnets with any type of skin tone or types of wardrobes and you will be able to create an alluring effect in your personality. The sapphire hoop earring also goes very well with short hair. Adorning this jewelry with short hair would give you an alluring look that would definitely make you stand out. Conclusively we can say that the great rainbow sapphire earrings have a wide selection to chose from and each of it fits well with the purpose on might have in mind when acquiring them. Name the occasion and there would be a rainbow sapphire earring that would fit it. From weddings to holiday parties or even an everyday jewelry for a working woman, the rainbow sapphire hoop earrings are there for you, all the time!

  • How to buy real Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry than a fake one

    With the scientist coming up with a way of developing rainbow sapphire in the labs, this has greatly attributed to the appearance of fake gemstone jewelry in the market. Natural rainbow gemstone took millions of years to form, but in the lab it only takes a few hours of chemical combination for one to have a synthetic gemstone. Though the scientist did not have the jewelry designs in mind when formulating this process, for synthetic gemstone has proved a great deal of value in industrial sector, some forces whose major aim is to gain quick profit by tricking clients into believing that synthetic rainbow gemstone is actually the natural one. They have gone ahead and priced these fake jewelry designs as the natural ones earning huge profits at the expense of telling the truth.


    rainbow necklace


    In some cases where rare and expensive rainbow gemstone is concerned, some unscrupulous jewelry sellers have gone ahead to paint some rocks and pose them as genuine gemstone rings, or fine gemstone jewelry of various designs. The golden question remains, how does one buy real sapphire jewelry than a fake one? To answer this, one should get the fact that rainbow sapphire jewelry that’s original and natural has one factor about it that’s not shared amongst the other fake gemstones, this is the fact that it reveals a spark of changing colors when looked at different angles, and when exposed to light. The others do not; industrial gemstone for example does not even reflect light. This is also true of the semi precious jewelry.

    The good news is that most of the fake gemstone that have had color painted on them are mostly used in designing beads and rarely used for rainbow sapphire jewelry. But still, one should be very careful when purchasing them and the method used above can come in handy when such a situation arise. Buying fine gemstone jewelry online should not be fearful for you. Most of the companies that own online jewelry shops have a clear certification of originality of the gemstone jewelry they deal with and they have been licensed to carry out the business. All you need to do is to check it out and you will be satisfied with the purchases.

    Having said this, it doesn’t mean that the sites that deal with fake rainbow opal jewelry are not there. The internet is a liberated medium and one cannot rule out the presence of fake gemstone jewelry dealers on it. Although some of these shops openly announce that what they are dealing with is not actually genuine and hence the pricing is low, and their main target is the clients who would not be able to buy natural rainbow gemstone jewelry. Others price fake gemstone jewelry the same as natural gemstones, and these are the sites that one should be careful about by reading in between line. Lack of proper display of certificate of originality, money back guarantee are some of the tell tale factors that should be very closely looked at.

  • How to value Rainbow sapphire jewelry

    Valuation of rainbow sapphire jewelry is a very complex process. A few things must be closely considered before the end price of rainbow sapphire jewelry is determined. One of the factors that are put under consideration is the color of the rainbow sapphire jewelry. It’s a fact that the colors of for example wedding rings for women that comes in various colors though the most common one is being blue, is more exciting than that of its counterpart the diamond. The wedding rings can also be found in other colors like purple and violet sapphires.

    It would be vital to look at some of the colors of the rainbow sapphire jewelry and how they affect the pricing. Many people for example believe that purple and violet are similar. However, they aren’t; they are two diverse hues. Purple is produced by a combination of red and blue while violet on the other hand is made out of blue and purple. What makes purple and violet sapphire rings interest many is its ability to change color. Purple rings will look violet under fluorescent light or sunlight. Violet rings, will turn purple under incandescent light. The violet rainbow sapphire is an example of how color can affect the pricing of rainbow sapphire jewelry, for they are more expensive than the rest.


    On the other hand, green rainbow sapphires are very rare and a lot of people do not know that they actually exist. Take an example of a unique wedding band made from green rainbow sapphire, the fact that it is rare would definitely determine its cost, and guess what, it would be more expensive than the other rainbow sapphires that are found around. This primarily shows that the rare the rainbow sapphire is the more it costs. Actually this has been the case for other high end jewelry made from gold and diamond. The fact that they are rare definitely affect the price of acquiring them becomes higher.

    Demand is also a big factor in the pricing of rainbow sapphire. A good example is the orange sapphire jewelry. Many yeas gone, orange rainbow sapphire was greatly undervalued. However this changed recently, when the orange color became highly demanded in fashion circles. Due to this reason, they became more valuable and the prices shot up the sky. Take another example of the colorless or transparent rainbow sapphires gemstones. Because of the high demand for the colored rainbow sapphire, the pricing for this sapphire gemstone that’s also commonly referred to as white gemstone has been really affected the result being that it has gone cheaper and cheaper by the day.

    The type of jewelry that the rainbow sapphire gemstones are used in also stands out as a major determinant in costing. An example would be when these gemstones have been used in the designing of unique wedding bands and women wedding rings. Due to the high demand and the importance that people have for weddings related jewelry, the cost would definitely move up the ladder.

  • Sapphire – In Its Many Colors

    Widely known as a birthstone for the month September Sapphire is prized globally. Though its name in Latin means blue, this gemstone is not always blue. Its occurrence is in multitudes of colors that are not known to many people. Apart from these colors, the red sapphire is normally referred to as ruby. Unfortunately the other colors are rare than the blue sapphire. Since the red one as we have seen refers to ruby, hence then the word sapphire refers to sapphire. Sounds confusing? It shouldn’t.  The blue sapphire is normally highly priced than the rest. The rest have a special name; fancy sapphire.

    Photographed for the CIBJO project from the Dr. Eduard J. Gubelin Collection.

    This gemstone is a representation of divine favor and it’s actually for this reason that it has become a choice for the high and the mighty in society. Kings, Queens, High Priests name them, and they all adorn this great stone in its entire splendor. A good example and perhaps this is what is in your mind is The British Crown Jewels which are filled by large blue sapphires, which gives symbolism of purity and wisdom. The most famous and valuable sapphires are a rich intense blue, a truly royal hue. Being a birthstone for September, as I have mentioned above it’s perhaps not known to you that is the very month when the most babies are born. Ancient lists also name it as a Aprils birthstone and gemstone for the sign of Taurus.

    This stone it’s known for its toughness and durability. Surprisingly it has no cleavage plane so it can’t be cut with one blow like a diamond. In fact, its synthetic type is used for scratch-proof watch crystals, optical scanners, and other tools because of trust in its durability. This is the same reason that this stone will be treasured for generations.

    The sapphire with the range of fancy colors comes from Montana in United States of America. Those from the world largest deposit of Yogo Gulch are smaller in size but they have an elegant beautiful blue. But getting them is not a walk in the park, for they are found deep in the rocks hence making it hard to get them and that’s why they are costly.

    Most the finest sapphire on today market originates from Sri Lanka, which is a producer of a wide variety of beautiful blues from soft sky blue colors to very rich concentrated hues. Yellow sapphires from this area are large, and may even hit sizes of several hundred of carats. These large stones are mostly museum pieces, yet are shockingly cheap despite their rarity. Pink and violet sapphires from Sri Lanka are very intense and vibrant in their color and are mostly much rarer than the blue gemstones. Kanchanaburi and Pailin are famous for deep blue, even colors. The most priced sapphires have a medium intense, clear blue color. The best of these stones hold the brightness of their color under variety of lighting. Any black, gray, or green overtones mixed in with the blue will reduce a stone's value. In general, a more pastel blue would be less preferred than a vivid blue but would be priced higher than an over dark blackish blue color.

  • Gold Rainbow Sapphire Necklaces

    Many folks are not aware of the variation that sapphire jewelry has to offer. These varieties come in unique combination and designs. From rings to bangles and gold sapphire necklace, the variety is just the bomb! Sapphire necklaces come in all sorts of coloration arrays. The rainbow sapphire necklace is just but one of the marvelous choices in the fashion sphere. Historically, if we look at the positive aspect of this gemstone, the adornment of it has been a satisfaction to many people and served well the reasons for having the rainbow sapphire. This stone has a combination of all the natural hues found in the rainbow. Imagine the day you saw a rainbow high in the skies. The colors you could capture with your eyes and those that you couldn’t, its just magical. All this found in one gemstone is not only amazing, but something to really own and treasure.


    Imagine all these coloration as natural and beautiful as they are on your neck? The looks you will steal, the admiration the self-awareness the courage the confidence and the charm all this are just what is found in the gold sapphire necklace.  For those that have a career that involves many people like pop music, sports movies etc. This rainbow sapphire necklace is just right for you. It gives a dazzling display of hue that can be capture in even the dimmest shade of light. The sapphire rainbow necklaces have been designed for both men and women. For women, the sapphire necklace fits plenty of choices for clothes as far as color is concerned. Name the color and the sapphire rainbow necklace just fits in. This for the reason that the shades of color found in the gemstone are natural and in plenty. This adds confidence in social appearances especially for those who have always been shy. The courage that sapphire gives is unspeakable- as they say, beauty stands out.

    The rainbow sapphire jewelry is a creation of Mother Nature. Some of those that hold deep believes on this gemstone have for ages been on recording seeing various natural things from the stone, from beautiful and breath catching waterfalls to sceneries just to mention a few. Hence gold sapphire necklace combination comes with the natural adornment that very few jewels can hold. It gives a feeling of sophistication and concurrence to the adorner as far as fashion is concerned.

    The gold sapphire has a sparkling effect on the wearer and the attention they get is above board. In the sports circle for both men and women, those that display their rainbow gold sapphire have been known to enjoy more admiration and followers due to the charm of the jewelry. High end sports like golf have also had some of the stars adorning the sapphire necklaces with a very good result on their followers, admiration and confidence acquired.

    Gold sapphire necklaces are available in major jewelry stores and online shops. They can be ordered according to the desires and fashion awareness of those that are looking for them.

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