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  • The Sapphire: Its Properties Origins and Uses

    Sapphire is naturally mined, although there some incidents that it’s grown in a lab using a chemical method called the Verneuil Process after a French Chemist Auguste Verneuil who developed it in 1902. This method has resulted into this precious jewel being manufactured in large quantities. Although it should be pointed out that the gemstone has also some industrial use.

    One of the most vital sources of natural is Australia and Madagascar, although various varieties can be found in deposits all over the world. The gemstone is a form of a mineral known as corundum, with one essential caveat: A sapphire is only one sapphire unless its hue is red, when the name changes to ruby. In fact there is one more stipulation to the rule- in the case of a pinkish-orange variety of corundum called padparadscha.


    Sapphires come in all types of colors whose determination is by the quantity of impurities found in them. Elements such as chromium, iron and titanium all assist towards moving the color of the otherwise transparent mineral to a large array of colors such as yellow, pink, green, orange and the well known blue type. Sapphires can also be realized in tones of grey and black.

    Sapphire actually a hardy stone, its melting point is higher than two thousand degrees. It’s also known to be infusible and insoluble. Its hardiness is at five times the one of glass and the good news is that it’s resilient to scratching and as such has many practical applications other than for use in jewels such as sapphire rings.

    Whilst sapphire is a highly looked after gemstone in the decorations sector- being used for things like bracelets, rings and pendants it’s other uses includes in electronics and construction. The first laser ever made was with a rod of synthetic ruby (the red type of sapphire).

    A star sapphire is so given this name for the reason that it appears as a star-shaped pattern offers its presentation when it’s lit by a single top-down light source. This pattern is the result of a process which is known as an asterism. It can be gotten some types of gem, in star sapphires they are because of intersecting needle-like impurities.

    Natural sapphire is generally more costly than the artificial one as they are obviously rarer, the problem however is the ability to tell the difference between natural and synthetic sapphires without help of an expert. The cost of the sapphire gems used in jewels actually depends on several factors with an inclusion of color, clarity, size, cut and quality. As told above, sapphire jewels exist in a large range of forms as with any precious gemstone. Highly popular are sapphire rings such as eternity and engagement rings. The blue one is the most valued and often getting a higher pricing in markets all over the world. Sapphires in the shade cornflower blue are also highly prized and valuable, known as the 'Kashmir Sapphire' or 'Cornflower Blue Sapphire'. The pinkish-orange corundum padparadscha however can fetch higher prices than even the finest blue sapphires.

  • Sapphire Jewelry-Tips on Buying

    Before we look at the tips of buying your sapphire jewelry, it’s important to have some facts about this amazing piece of jewelry. This word “sapphire” is derived from the Greek word “sappherios" which is actually said to be originally referred to lapis lazuli. The sapphire gemstone is a member of the corundum family. Historically they are the sapphire gemstone associated with love, longevity and endurance; this is why this stone has become an attraction to love birds as their choice of jewelry. Sapphire gemstone is said to hold magical powers. It’s believed that it can give a very powerful defense from the spells. The wearer prevented from unneeded thoughts and its also said to bring in peace, joy and riches to people. So what are the considerations to make when buying this wonderful gemstone?


    Perhaps the most vital thing to look at would be Color -- this gemstone comes in a variety of hues that probably covers the major ones. They range from white, pink, brown, peach, yellow, orange, violet, purple and green. Despite all this colors, the most popular of these selections of colors is the blue one. It changes from faint blue to the deepest dark blue. The most durable is the pure cornflower blue sapphire. Hence Fine gemstones of appealing color and clearance are very rare of value. On the other hand those which are very dark or extremely light are considered of little.

    Secondly is clarity which also plays a role in the shaping of value and beauty. Sapphires are known to be clearer than rubies and emeralds. The sapphires are given a heat treatment which helps in the improvement of color and clarity. Without treatment, its flaws and inclusions would affect the luster sapphire.

    Character is another tip that one should also put under consideration. Remember that sapphire is the second hardest metal after Diamond. The harder the gemstone sapphire is the better the chances of it not breaking chipping or cracking. It also makes it a good gemstone to wear since it’s not delicate and can resist those outdoor activities that break delicate jewelry.

    Pricing is a very essential tip that most buyers would like to put under consideration. It’s good to remember that sapphire is a birthstone for the month of September. This basically means that if one has an engagement ring, this would be the best month to do so. This is basically because of the offers given by sellers during this period.  Another factor to be considered as far as pricing is concerned is the color. A blue sapphire ring would definitely cost more than purple sapphire for example.

    In conclusion the last tip is when buying sapphire online. For example let’s say you’re buying sapphire rings you must ensure that the seller gives you a return policy and a certificate. This certificate is an affirmation that the jewelry is real and worth the price that you’re paying. All these basic tips I have listed above will ensure that when acquiring a sapphire gemstone you will not encounter any problem and that you will have an easier time doing this.

  • Sapphire Gemstone- What is good for you?

    Sapphire Gemstone comes in a variety of colors and hence gives an individual a wide selection. Some people might ask what would be best for them. All I will do is to go into details about these varieties and colors of Sapphire Gemstone and let one decide.

    A good number of people think that the blackish Sapphire Gemstone ("inky" blue sapphires) are the most expensive, but this is generally not the case and many of these people have never come across a good sapphire. All gemstones inclusive, sapphires gemstones which are clean and have few visible inclusions (if any) or tiny flaws are the most valued. However some very fine sapphires gemstones, especially those from Kashmir region, have a velvety misty feeling in the fingers which gives an enhancement to the richness of the blue color.


    The most highly placed of the fancy sapphires is the orange-pink or pinkish-orange called "padparadscha" named after the lotus blossom. These sapphires are very hard to come across and the exact definition has in most times been a debatable matter: a number of dealers and labs around the world over have never agreed on the exact color in description by this term. Some of the dealers even oppose that the term should not be applied only to pastel shades of Sri Lankan sapphires but the fiery shades of reddish-orange from the Umba Valley in Tanzania should be also included. Padparadscha gemstone sapphires sell at a high price, sometimes almost approaching the price for a fine blue sapphire gemstone. What is essential is that although the exact description is debated, and does not seem to be concluded, the beauty held by these rare sapphire gemstones is not.

    With their specially mixed shades the color of fresh salmon and sunsets. Other very popular array of fancy sapphires is yellows, bright oranges, lavender purples, and a bluish green color. In total view, the more vivid the color, the more costly the fancy sapphire gemstone becomes. If the color is in the range of the pastel, it should have good clarity: The reason being that when included is easily noticed. In a sapphire gemstone that is lighter and colored, the way its cut is also more vital: There should be a reflection of the light back across the face of the gemstone, which would make it lively and more brilliant. On the other hand, darker and very intense colors, the cut is not as important for the reason that the hue creates its own impact. Gemstone sapphires that are very dark in a way that they do not give good return of light and shine are less valued.

    Gemstone Sapphires are often cut in a cushion shape (a rounded rectangle or an oval shape). Smaller ones can be found in round nice cuts and a huge collection of fancy shapes, they include; Squares, triangles, marquises, smooth domes, pear shapes, and cabochon cuts, or baguette shapes. Some gemstone sapphires which have an unusual type of tiny inclusions can be cut in a cabochon shape to display a dancing six-rayed white star.

  • The Gemstone Sapphire

    Gemstone Sapphire is a very precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum family. This is but a mineralogical name given to crystallized Aluminum oxide. Corundum in pure form is extremely hard to come by. But it’s usually colorless. Some small measures of metallic impurities – especially iron and chrome are found, giving rise to an array of color variations in the gemstone sapphire.

    A blue corundum gemstone is just but Sapphire. Gemstones of other colorations are known by the color as a prefix. A good example is yellow sapphire, pink sapphire and etc. Two other color choices have been given specific names, the red Ruby and the orangish-pink Padparadscha.

    These gemstones sapphire are all the more attractive for the main reason of their attractive colors, rich history and the spiritual qualities associated with them. A Legend goes that the tablets containing the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mt. Sinai were indeed made of gemstone sapphire. Historical rulers adorned gemstone sapphires around their necks as a war of defending themselves against any harm, get rid of evil and get divine favors.


    In the older times it was thought that wisdom energy was found inside the gemstone sapphire. It was a high held belief that the power made the wearer uncover the needed solutions to a given problem.

    The gemstone sapphire has been a sign of the heavens, protection of the innocent and loaded with truth, loyalty, and sincerity. The older Persians held a belief that the crust of the earth rested on a large gemstone sapphire, whose illumination gave a reflection to the sky at sunset.

    The word sapphire is derived from the Latin word sapphirus whose meaning is basically blue. Ruby on the other hand is gotten from the Latin word ruber whose meaning is red. The word corundum is from the Sanskrit word kurivinda. Long time ago, it was thought that all gemstones grew and ripened with transforming seasons similar to the fruits on a tree in the environment. Getting started as white, the gemstone get to maturity and perfect as the sun shines. When deep red, the gemstones were said to be fully ripe. The paler looking ones were seen to have been plucked from the earth too early. The beautiful red ripe stone (ruby) was named Kuruvinda in the old Indian language of Sanskrit. The word Corundum comes from this old Sanskrit word and includes all gemstones made of crystallized Aluminum oxide- Al2O3 with the inclusion of Ruby.

    Despite the fact that the most globally known color of gemstone sapphire is blue , which ranges from clear medium dark violet to purple blue- This gemstone is found in almost all the known colors e.g. yellow, orange, white, pink and purple. With its coloration, its originality has greatly its value. The most expensive and amazing gemstone sapphire is very blue in color with a speck of violet and their origin is the Kashmir region of India. The one that comes closer to this in the tones of its color comes from Burma-Myanmar. Sapphires that come close to Kashmir sapphires in color tones are those from Burma (Myanmar).


  • Sapphire for Purity and Wisdom

    An aluminum oxide that is not red is called sapphire. This word comes from the Greek ‘sappheiros’ meaning blue. Even though this gemstone does not only appear in this color, for it comes in varieties of primary colors. The coloration depends with the types of minerals present. A very good example the presence of chromium produces pink sapphire and that of iron results to yellow and green sapphires.

    Sapphire gemstones are majorly found in the countries of Burma, India and Sri Lanka. Those from Kashmir (where the Indian sapphire comes from) are cornflower blue in color and are said to be the finest of the blue sapphires. The commonest and of light blue in color are the Sri Lankan sapphires are the most common and are typically light to medium blue in color. They are the majority of those found in the most jewelry shops. On the other hand the rarest and the most expensive ones are the pinkish orange.


    The Sapphire gemstones also present in Thailand and Australia, and are normally dark blue in color. Their pricing ranges from inexpensive to average. In USA the vital source of sapphire is Montana and it’s of an appealing metallic blue in hue. Other sources of sapphire include Africa and China.

    For most of the sapphire in the market nowadays, the color is intensified through a special method of heating. This is to increase the clarity and for color enrichment. This process can produce several types of sapphire those that have  rutile (titanium dioxide) crystals after being heat and rapidly cooled results in them dissolving into the corundum and they becomes clearer. Colorless or pale-colored stones on the other hand after going through the process of heating in the absence of oxygen turn to rich blue color. When they are heated in the presence of oxygen, they would change into very yellow color. Most of the yellow sapphires have undergone this heat treatment.

    Sapphires have played an important role historically. For example the ancient Jews considered it to be a secret message above. The Persians on the other hand held a belief that the world rests on a gigantic sapphire and that the sky is a reflection of its color. In Europe Middle Ages, it was held as a belief that it was a good antidote against poisons. The blue sapphire was considered to be the most appropriate for the ecclesiastical rings. It was known to be a holder of truth and good health.

    Sapphire gemstones are considered to be rare, durable and beautiful. This beauty has stood the wheel of time. Its future is seen to be bright and it’s said to continue growing steadily to the future times. This is for the reason that it has a lasting value and admiration from many people out there. Hence this stone is used by many as a gift for their friends, and loved ones. Presentation of this jewel is very cherished and highly appreciated across many cultures in the world. Long live sapphire gemstone!

  • Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

    These two make a lovely gift for any function. These nice pendants come in a variety of unique designs and shapes and are found in yellow and white gold, platinum and silver. The most common and hustle free place to purchase them would be the dealers sites online. These sites have different offers that you can compare and decide which one to buy from. The advantage of shopping these sapphire and diamonds pendant on the net is that most of the dealers offer free shipping facilities plus certificates of authenticity, and naturally you would be purchasing them at your own comfort. These online dealers have a wide choice of Ceylon sapphire and diamond pendant designs for your like.


    Although this beautiful piece of jewelry is highly priced, you can get competitive prices online without actually sacrificing quality. The combination of sapphire gemstones and diamonds is a very common practice in jewelry nowadays and choices include; pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Sapphire jewelry is a popular selection for engagement and wedding ring collections in both classic and modern designs and styles. The sapphire gemstone is portrayed as the ancient sign of sincere affection and total commitment, making it a supreme choice for engagement and wedding ring jewelry.

    In modern times blue and pink Ceylon sapphire and diamond pendant, earring, ring and bracelet jewelry are told to be above notch as far as fashion trends are concerned. Its beauty is irresistible to any woman despite the age. In fact, very few can resist the beauty and charm of a Ceylon sapphire and diamond pendant, ring or bracelet when given out as a special and important gift. These jewels for men come in form of rings and bracelets and are popular in their masculine styles and designs.

    Ceylon sapphire gemstone and diamond pendant jewelry are in many types of styles and designs for any woman's personal taste and their preference. They are specifically designed to let out the aesthetic beauty of the personal stones' cut and finish. Each part is cleverly made by experienced professionals in the trade. The gemstones selected for these pendants are of the best quality and clarity, to accentuate their charm and beauty. They are fit for women of all ages and make an exceptional perfect gift item for the one you love. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday or any other special function, you can come across  the right Ceylon sapphire and diamond pendant for the expression of your feelings to the woman of your life.

    The Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Inspired Pendant is a large piece that features a raised tear drop blue sapphire which is surrounded by fifty seven natural white diamonds in a vintage cocktail make. It is usually crafted in 14k white gold which is accompanied by seventeen inch white gold chain. It can be bought online from the dealers and perhaps- depending with your location, you might enjoy free shipping services. Doing it online would give you an ample time of getting the exact type that you need.

  • Gemstone Sapphire Wedding Band

    Being in possession of the best gemstone sapphire wedding band does not necessarily mean one knows a great deal about sapphires, but naturally the more knowledge one has then the more the chances are increased for achieving their goal of getting the best possible sapphire wedding band present in the market.


    Sapphires are naturally found as gemstones or are manufactured in large crystal boules for a variety of reasons. The corundum family is made up of pure aluminum oxide with traces of other elements such as iron and chromium which provide sapphires gemstone with their blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange or greenish coloration. Sapphire gemstone is in the inclusion of any gemstone quality type of the mineral corundum with the inclusion of the red variety (ruby).The Blue sapphires are found in a variety of shades; blue and Titanium and iron included in the aluminum oxide results into shades of blue
    This gemstone has for a very long time in history been a symbol of truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. From it being the material for the tablet of the Ten Commandments handed over to Moses by God on Mt. Sinai, to being a choice of Kings and religious leaders due to it symbolizing purity and wisdom. The other quality attributed to sapphire that makes it fit for being either a wedding band or an engagement ring is its sign of sincerity and faithfulness, couples globally were given an inspiration to revive their delicate tradition when Prince Charles chose a sapphire engagement ring for the late Princess Diana.

    Gemstone sapphire has been known to be a birthstone for September, the month when the most babies are born in a year. The sapphire wedding band or engagement ring when offered during this month it symbolizes fertility and happy relationship for the couples. It’s given with a belief that the fruits of the marriage-children would be born in health and abundance.

    A sapphire wedding ring represents adornment and beauty and it builds trust and lasting of the relationship. A woman represented by this beautiful wedding band would realize the depth of love the partner has for her and definitely ignite the burning romantic fire within her resulting into serious mature affair. A sapphire wedding band is every woman’s dream the beautiful display of color plus the confidence in the wedding day plus a feeling of being cherished adds to the spice of the occasion. No man would elude the magical romance of the woman he presented with a gemstone sapphire wedding band. It will be all system goes for the lovers. The woman being the pillar of the relationship will give her all, and the man will have nothing else to do but to embrace the romantic fire he lit.

    A gemstone sapphire wedding band is not an ordinary thing. All the attributes of the stone goes with the band. And the mood at the wedding will tell it out. It will bring out the real person of the bride in bright colors that no one can hide from!

  • Rainbow Sapphire Engagement Rings

    The use of Sapphire engagement rings is certainly not a new idea but one that’s been in existence dating way back to the 12thcentury. What’s been keeping these rings in every to be married person’sfinger is the fact that Sapphire symbolizes love and commitment. Furthermore, way back in ancient times, husbands gave their wives Sapphire rings before embarking on a long journey in the belief that it’ll fade when she’s unfaithful.

    rainbow ring

    Rainbow Sapphire engagement rings come representing the whole spectrum of visible colors and this is another reason why people adore them with their life. As a ring, the saturation and burst of color is something that ladies truly adore as this makes it not only pleasing to the eye but it also allows them to match up their heavy closets of clothes without breaking the color conventions. As an engagement ring, the rainbow sapphire outmatches all in its color appeal and that doesn’t seem like it’s about to change any time soon.

    Apart from appeal, these beauties come packed with sky high durability levels. They boast of a hardness level of 9 out of 10, second in line to diamonds and are an assurance of eternal lifespan. This keeps the ring standing strong despite the daily elements of wear that constantly bombard it so you don’t have to host any doubts. Again, this means less stress on your part as the maintenance practices you give it can be kept at a minimum and not compromise on the quality.

    Rainbow Sapphire Engagement Rings can have the sapphire cut in a wide variety of ways. It could mimic the shape of a diamond or simply be a native cut that is usually deep to reveal that saturation of color. The catch is, no matter how it’s cut, whether it’s circular or oval, the final result should be able to get flashes of light reaching your eye just by moving it in your hands. Otherwise no play of light is termed as “windowing” which is a quality frowned upon and is mainly caused by poor cutting skills.

    Sapphire rings continue hitting the bar of demand hard and have even been seen among the members of the British royal family with the most recent occurrence in Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge. These engagement rings have also been spotted on Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Diana Spencer and even Princess Anne. They are a masterpiece and would forever tell a story on any finger.

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