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  • Green Sapphire - a Gem for Kings and Queens

    Sapphires form in an amazing rainbow of colors and the rarest of them all is green. Throughout history kings and queens all over the world have worn green sapphires not only for their value but also as a talisman to provide powerful protection against harm. They were worn to treaty signings to encourage settlement and discourage further battles. There are many beneficial uses and meanings associated with green sapphires that are still strongly believed in today.

    The Reign of Green Sapphire

    During the 12th century in Europe, the Bishop of Rennes in France profusely praised these beautiful rare sapphires because of their important spiritual associations. It was believed that nature had given these gems great power and he considered them to be sacred.

    In the early 13th century, Bartolomaes Anglicus, a Franciscan who was an early forerunner of the encyclopedia, claimed that the green colored sapphire could be an antidote against poison. He also believed that the gem has been bestowed with the power to influence spirits.

    Legend has it that Sir Richard Burton, the translator of the 1001Arabian Nights and a famous explorer had a large green sapphire that he carried with him during his travels. He considered the gem his talisman for giving him sharp concentration and healthy horses. This stone became famous in the East, as those who got to view it believed that it would bring good fortune.

    The Power of Green Sapphire

    Green sapphires bring integrity to one’s life and encourage devotion from others. They promote trust and loyalty and stimulate the heart chakra, the balance between the body and spirit. The heart chakra is the place where unconditional love is centred, rousing compassion and understanding.

    The gem helps an individual understand others’ needs and be more empathetic. It encourages respect for differences in every area of life. It gives a person the drive to change his own life for the better. A green sapphire can help one become more empathetic, accepting of differences and generally improve life.

    Folklore and Physical Healing Energy

    - Some believe that green sapphires can soothe eyestrain and that it can be useful in improving vision

    - It is often said that green sapphire has the ability to calm an overactive body system and could aid in regulating different glands within the body

    - In ancient times it was believed to be beneficial in treating blood disorders and alleviating excessive bleeding

    - It has even been said that green sapphires can strengthen the veins and improve their elasticity


    rainbow sapphire ring

    Green Sapphire and Modern Times

    Green sapphire benefits are associated with spiritual powers and astuteness. Many believe that it brings prosperity and helps in sustaining the gifts of life. Those who believe say that they become more focused when they wear green sapphire and that it emanates its energy by making their dreams and goals come true. Others think that it holds a promise of smooth sailing and a happy life.

    It is believed that this gem and its mystical powers can calm and focus the mind. It releases unwanted thoughts and mental tension. It has the power to open the mind to intuition and beauty that brings joy and lightness, which restores balance within the body. Whatever your beliefs, wearing green sapphire can influence your attitude in interacting with the world in a more positive and balanced way.

    When set in jewelery green sapphire makes a wonderful gift for the king or queen in your life.  Especially if it stimulates their heart and unconditional love!

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