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  • How to Find a Gorgeous Rainbow Bracelet Online

    Are you looking for a rainbow bracelet that is charming, reasonably-priced, and simple to find online? If so, you’ll find this guide useful. Now, let’s talk about the most appealing rainbow bracelet designs and their features…

    Look for Sapphire Rainbow Bracelets

    rainbow bracelet

    If you want a truly gorgeous rainbow bracelet that gives off incredible shimmer and shine, a sapphire rainbow bracelet might be the best way to get what you want. Since these elegant and wearable designs feature rows of sparkling gemstones in an assortment of beautiful hues, they give a perfect rainbow look. The best styles will feature white gold or yellow gold settings.

    When you choose a sapphire rainbow ring from us, you’ll access premium quality that is really built to last. In addition, you’ll be able to collect other rainbow jewelry that coordinates perfectly with your new design. For example, you may want to select a rainbow necklace that is an ideal match for your new bracelet. Rainbow rings are also available.

    How to Buy a Sapphire Rainbow Bracelet Online

    In order to enjoy a perfect fit, look for a sapphire rainbow bracelet that will be just right for your wrist circumference.

    Measuring your wrist should be quite easy. Just use a soft, fabric measuring tape or measure an existing bracelet of the same style. Then, select the perfect size for you.

    In addition to proper sizing, go for a finish that is ideal for your own coloring. If you have a cool skin tone, you’ll find that choosing a white gold bracelet is the key to looking great in your new design. White gold looks lovely on skin that has blue or pink undertones.

    If you consider yourself to be warm in terms of coloring (look for greenish veins inside of your wrist), you will definitely look your best in a yellow gold rainbow bracelet that is adorned with glittering sapphires.

    Now that you know more about sapphire rainbow bracelets and how to find the best designs online, you’ll be ready to shop with true confidence. By selecting a lovely style that fits your wrist to perfection, while also being crafted according to the highest standards of quality, you’ll access an incredible piece of jewelry that really ramps up your personal style.

    However you wear the look, you’ll find that selecting a rainbow bracelet is the key to expressing your sense of self every single time that you put it on. So, why not choose your preferred style today?

    Check out our collection of rainbow bracelets here.

  • Golden and Yellow Sapphires bring Financial Abundance and Wealth

    Sapphires are beautiful gems that don't just come in the traditional dark blue you may be thinking of. They come in a variety of colors and hues including blue, red, pink, green, purple, yellow and gold.

    Each color has it’s own vibrational pattern and metaphysical properties but all sapphires are symbols of wisdom. People have been known to wear them for protection, spiritual insight and good fortune.

    A collection of rainbow sapphires can encourage wise judgment, intuition, strength, self-mastery, power, clarity, and kindness.

    Ignite Transformation and Attract Wealth

    Sapphire is a variety of Corundum, an aluminium oxide mineral. The stones can range from transparent to opaque. Low iron content in Corundum is what makes yellow sapphires or golden sapphire if intensely colored.

    Yellow and gold sapphires will bring you the wisdom of prosperity by attracting financial abundance and wealth. They can help you manifest your creative energy and bring it into action.

    The yellow or gold sapphire will stimulate your mind, which will help you figure out your life aspirations and goals. Its metaphysical properties can help by focusing your goals through the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is aligned with the color yellow. It aids self-esteem, energy, and transformation. When the third chakra is healthy we can fully ignite our "get-up-and-go" attitude. This chakra comes from the same place as a deep belly laugh. Yellow and gold sapphires will bring you joy and excitement.

    Wearing Golden and Yellow Sapphires Golden and yellow sapphires are perfect gems for businesswomen or any woman who wants to attract wealth and financial abundance into her life.

    How to Benefit from Yellow and Gold Sapphires

    Gold and yellow sapphires should be placed in areas where you want to attract financial wealth. You could keep one at your place of work or in your purse or on yourself.

    Golden and yellow sapphires are perfect gems for businesswomen or any woman who wants to attract wealth and financial abundance into her life. They provide awareness of higher principles; stimulate the mind and wisdom and increase discernment and good judgment.

    There are so many other benefits that these precious stones provide that can assist a person seeking prosperity.  These gems are used in physical, emotional, chakra, and spiritual healing practices. Some even use it as an elixir to rid their bodies of toxins. Gold and yellow sapphires can help you:

    • Boost energy
    • Increase vitality
    • Encourage confidence
    • Increase feelings of joy and excitement
    • Feel more courageous
    • Get rid of procrastination and fears
    • Increases focus
    • Attract prosperity
    • Expand consciousness
    • Persevere
    • Express yourself verbally


    Sapphires encourage transformation through new interests and new relationships. They add clarity to your life and help you see situations in a different light. Rainbow sapphires add passion, optimism, and meaning to life and relationships.

    Light yellow sapphires ensure that new relationships get off to a good start by supporting you through good communication.

    Dark yellow sapphires can help when decisiveness and precision is needed. They are a perfect gift for women in sales as they bring success in self-projection and persuasiveness.

    Gold and yellow sapphires are wonderful gifts for archaeologists, historians, executives, ministers, writers, journalists and lawyers or for any woman who needs to use acumen and good judgment.

    Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors including yellow and gold. Each color has its own special meaning and metaphysical properties. Yellow and gold sapphires are included in our rainbow sapphire collection. Wearing sapphires, as jewelry is the perfect way to keep the stones close to your skin. Close contact supports physical, emotional, chakra, and spiritual healing.

  • How to Complement your Look with Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry

    Every woman loves gemstones and sapphires are particularly popular. Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry showcases all the colors that sapphires come in.  They are the perfect complement to an outfit and set off a plain or dark outfit beautifully.

    Rainbow sapphires are classified as unique sapphires and when blended together into a bracelet, earrings, a necklace or a ring they are a transformed into a stunning accessory.

    Choosing Gold or Silver Jewelry

    Do you prefer your rainbow sapphires to be mounted in gold or silver? The color of your hair can influence your choice of necklaces and earrings. Depending on tone blond hair can look great with either gold or silver. Gold necklaces and earrings look beautiful with golden blond hair and silver or white gold looks gorgeous with platinum blond hair. Gold jewelry brings out the golden undertones in brunette hair but many brunettes look fabulous in silver or white gold jewelry. Redheads and ladies with gray hair really shine when wearing silver or white gold jewelry.

    Matching Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry with your Outfit

    The brightness of rainbow sapphires look beautiful with many outfits but dark or black clothes really show them off. Gold jewelry looks great with warm colored clothes. A rainbow sapphire tennis bracelet mounted in gold looks stunning with earthy toned tops.

    Wearing multiple bracelets on the same wrist can look great with just a t-shirt and jeans. They don’t even need to match, just make sure you keep your outfit simple and let the bracelets do the talking. Choose your bracelets carefully from a rainbow sapphire bracelet shop so that they look fantastic together.

    Layered bracelet styling can be used with a watch as well. The best thing is that they can be any style and don’t need to match the watch. Sometimes its even better if they don’t. Multiple rainbow sapphire bracelets can really enhance a plain black watch or a gold or silver watch.  Experiment with your own look, but be bold.

    Getting it right for a Formal Event

    Choosing the right outfit for a formal event can be stressful. To keep it simple we recommend your go with the rule of two, subtle earrings and a matching necklace or bracelet. Choosing only two keeps your look sophisticated and complements gowns and other formal wear.

    If you plan to wear a gown or cocktail dress for the second or third time you can wear different jewelry combinations to keep your look fresh.  You will feel confident that while you have worn the dress before the overall impression will be new and vibrant.

    Keep your look sophisticated with Rainbow Sapphire Jewlery Choosing only two pieces keeps your look sophisticated and complements gowns and other formal wear

    Making a splash with just One Piece

    Wearing just one spectacular piece is like dressing a table with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, it can light up a room. One piece of rainbow sapphire jewelry can be worn to showcase an amazing outfit or give a demure look an edge, the choice is up to you. Pairing a beautiful rainbow sapphire bracelet with a simple black dress and matching tote bag will get you noticed. Statement earrings will work just as well.

    Go Delicate

    You know that wearing black is thinning. Well so are slender earrings and pendants. Adding length, sparkles and dangle thins the face, neck and torso. The addition of a loose scarf and a large handbag further enhances this effect.

    Feel free to experiment and be bold. Adding a new piece of rainbow sapphire jewelry to your collection can transform your wardrobe and re-invigorate those items that don’t match the contents of your jewelry box.

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