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  • Looking for an Attractive Rainbow Necklace?

    rainbow necklace

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    Looking for that perfect piece of jewellery is an adventure in style. The search for jewelry is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated shopping experiences. It is often easier said than done. Perusing glass case after glass case of similar designs may leave you flustered and disappointed. It may be time to think outside the glass box.
    If you’re looking for an exciting new addition to your jewelry wardrobe that is truly unique, you may find that choosing the right rainbow necklace is the key to enjoying color, style and panache in a way that is also relatively affordable. Rainbow necklaces are a signature piece that you will find yourself wearing again and again with different outfits and for different occasions. Say goodbye to those old, standard designs. It is time to consider a piece of jewelry that stands out!

    Which Rainbow Necklace Should I Choose?

    These days, rainbow necklace styles run the gamut. From sterling silver to white gold; from double rows, to invisible set double rows, there is certainly something that will strike your fancy. Unlike the rows upon rows of uninspired jewelry, it will be a delight to examine and fawn over your favorite rainbow necklaces. The colors and styles are sure to surprise.

    Fashion recommendation

    If you want something truly special; something which is on-trend yet still maintains that unique quality you are hunting for, you may want to consider a rainbow sapphire design that is shimmery, sparkling and so very glamorous. Imagine round rainbow sapphires set in 18 carat white gold? The contrast between the boldness of the colours and the cool elegance of the white gold, looks exquisite for a daytime look as well as for a night out. The versatility of these pieces is one of the things that will entice you. It is easy to picture yourself in a rainbow necklace at an elaborate party or simply running errands around the city.


    These sorts of rainbow necklace designs are more affordable than you would expect. With all the exorbitant prices out there, you will be happy to find how reasonably priced this type of jewelry can be. The best examples are crafted with painstaking attention to detail. The details are always the way to separate fine jewelry from all the rest. Whether you select a necklace with sapphires with a round cut or princess cut, prong set or channel set, you are sure to be wearing a beautifully crafted example of jewelry workmanship. True style always comes from true craftsmanship. Nowhere is this more evident than in these exquisite examples of rainbow sapphire. When you choose this type of design, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a lifetime. It’s modern and classic elements are the key to its longevity in the world of fashion. The variety available lend themselves to bolder and more adventurous wearers as well as the chic and classy. In whatever way you define your style (or refuse to define your style!) there certainly will be something that will catch your eye.

    Which Necklace is Best For Me?

    For the unabashedly elegant: Try wearing a Rainbow Sapphire double row tennis necklace in 14 carat white gold. Just the description alone is breathtaking. Its simplicity and subtlety make this option perfect for someone chic and modern. The sleek and slimming look will work great with a variety of outfits. You’ll adore the contrasting curve around the back of the neck with the delicate point at the front.
    For the Spontaneous: Why not try out a Rainbow Sapphire Invisible Set Double Row Tennis Necklace set in 14 carat yellow gold. This look is understated yet provides a brilliant dash of color. This option particularly emphasiszes the neckline and brings out facial features beautifully. This piece is absolutely ideal if you are looking to enliven your wardrobe. Pieces of clothing that you thought were destined to hang in the closet for years, will be brought to life again by the simple addition of this necklace
    For the romantic: You must try out the Rainbow Sapphire Necklace Heart Design 925 Sterling Silver. This youthful and whimsical design embodies romance and style. It is also a particularly appropriate gift for a birthday or an anniversary. The heart shape is playful and easily paired with formalwear or just jeans and your favorite t-shirt.

    Still Can’t Decide? Choose Your Preferred Finish for a Custom Effect

    Rainbow necklaces adorned with colorful sapphires in varying hues may be purchased in yellow or white gold settings. If you are a bit confused as to what is best for you, consider the following rule of thumb. If your skin tone is cool (pink/blue undertones), you’ll look better in white gold. If you’re coloring is warm (yellow undertones), you’ll be flattered by a yellow gold settingf. However, rules are made to be broken. If you see a particular necklace that calls to you, then listen to your personal sense of style. The best strategy is always to select a rainbow necklace design that appeals to you. What first jumps out often ends up being what we choose to wear in the end! If you are having trouble making up your mind, try narrowing down the options to your two favorites. Examine them side-by-side. Remember, there is no shame in sending the pictures to a friend or loved-one for some fashion advice. A fresh set of eyes can often work wonders in making a thoughtful and fashionable decision.

    Matching Rainbow Jewelry

    Have you ever had this experience? You open up your jewelry box and put on a great necklace, only to find that you have no bracelet that goes with it? Have you ever misplaced a ring that made a necklace look incredible? Then comes the task of going out to find the pieces we so desperately need. When hitting the jewelry stores, we quickly realize how difficult, if not impossible, it is to find suitable pieces. When you do order Rainbow Sapphire jewelry designs online, you’ll be able to collect coordinating pieces, such as rainbow rings, rainbow bracelets and other styles of rainbow jewelry. Consider how helpful this will be in the long-run. If you buy one piece today, just knowing that you can always return for matching pieces, will set your mind at ease.
    If you’re into building jewelry collections that match and accent all of your outfits, from casual to polished and sophisticated, you’ll find that these designs provide exceptional value for the price that you will pay.
    One of the most beautiful touches is the inclusion of other precious stones alongside the stunning Rainbow Sapphires. There are pendants available that include sapphires and pearls or diamonds. The designs are seemingly endless: from ornate and intricate shapes to crosses, butterflies, and hearts. There is always a beautiful and fashionable option. Enjoy yourself as you dive into the world of rainbow necklaces.
    In addition, rainbow necklaces make stunning and thoughtful gift ideas. If you know someone special who would love this type of design, why not surprise him or her with one of these bold and vibrant styles? A rainbow necklace will highlight the beauty of the wearer’s skin, eyes and hair (while also giving her a welcome shot of modern style). These designs are suitable for all types of gift giving occasions. Imagine opening a box and seeing, for the first time, the vibrant colors, the glistening gold or silver, the bold or chic styling. That experience is reserved for the true connoisseurs of fine and exciting jewelry.

    Shop for Your Own Rainbow Necklace Today

    Now that you know more about rainbow necklaces and all that they have to offer, why not shop for your preferred sapphire rainbow design online? If you are the kind of shopper that loves quality and variety without the hassle, then online shopping is for you. At your leisure, at any time of the day, feel free to browse through the colours, styles, and precious stones. Make a decision in your own time without the pressure of salespeople. Ask your friends, your family, your significant other, and most importantly, yourself. Which one will be beautiful on me? Click here to view our collection of rainbow necklaces.

  • Red and Orange Rainbow Sapphires – The Special Meaning

    Rainbow Sapphires – Not just Blue

    Sapphire gems are most commonly thought of as a shade of blue. The word sapphire is Greek in origin and comes from the word sappheiros, meaning blue.

    Blue is just one color that these precious stones come in. There is a rainbow of colors that natural sapphires are made up of. These are classified as unique sapphire colors or rainbow sapphires.

    Orange sapphires can be pale to a bright red-orange, and can also be found in a deep orange with a hint of brown. The orange sapphire is also known as the Padparadscha Sapphire. This can be found with pale pink hues to deep orange with pink overtones, and everything in between. The Padparadscha Sapphire is one of the most rare gems and is highly collectable and valuable. The name comes from Sanskrit and means lotus color, because the color of the gem resembles the color of a lotus flower.

    Orange Rainbow Sapphire Orange sapphires bring warmth, comfort, strength, vitality and purpose

    Red sapphires are actually classified as rubies. Both the ruby and the sapphire come from the same mineral called corundum. The International Colored Gemstone Association determined many years ago that all gemstones made of corundum would be classified as sapphire with the exception of the red stones, which would be classified as ruby.

    Where do Red and Orange Sapphires come from?

    Sapphires should be 100% natural earth mined. Ethical mining means that profits from the stones go directly back into community projects at the source.

    We purchase our sapphires from all over the world. Sapphires can be found in Thailand, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Australia, and Madagascar.

    Red and orange sapphires have a long history but are becoming very popular. Our red and orange sapphires come from Thailand and Southern Tanzania. Mining in Songea has taken place since the mid 1990s and it is the most productive sapphire mining region in Tanzania. Thailand is known for its high-quality ruby and sapphire gems. The red and orange stones currently mined in Tanzania and Thailand are particular excellent in color and clarity.

    Rainbow Sapphire Meaning

    Sapphires have special meaning to many people around the world. Some of their most valued qualities are:

    • Wisdom - they have been placed in crowns of royalty throughout the world because they are associated with wisdom.
    • Folk healing - sapphires are believed to relieve ailments such as tension, nosebleeds, confusion, hearing problems, poor decision making, poor concentration, epilepsy, fevers, and burns.
    • Inner strength - it is said that by wearing sapphire jewerly you will feel stronger within and will be able to align your spirituality with your current life.
    • Energy flow - sapphire is associated with the throat chakra, which is linked to self-expression of feelings, communication, and the truth.
    • Artistic ability -  red and orange sapphires are talismans for artists and writers.  They identity with the rainbow sapphire meanings of creativity, spirituality, wisdom, and sensitivity.
    • Communication - orange sapphires are a symbol of communication, helping those who wear them find their voice. It has been said to help those who wear it tap into their inspiration and hear their muses.


    Jewelry with red or orange sapphire in it would make an excellent gift for writers, artists, speakers, and leaders. You don't have to stick with the traditional blue sapphire as a gift. Rainbow sapphires will inspire and heal. They will bring out creativity, communication, mental clarity, purpose, vitality, warmth, comfort, and strength.

    Rainbow sapphire meanings are beautiful, just like the gems themselves.

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