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  • A sapphire isn't only blue!

    flower-clusterWhen we think of Sapphires it’s easy to picture the stunning blues that have become synonymous with the gemstone. But it’s not the only color the precious stone can be found in. In fact there are unlimited variations in sapphire color, some subtle and some drastic. Sapphires come in the many colours of the rainbow.

    The traditional blue shade of Sapphire has a plethora of variations alone, with terms like electric blue, royal blue and cornflower blue being just a handful of descriptors. Here’s a look at some of the other Sapphires:

    Colorless - If you want a colorless sapphire, look out for pure corundum. This untreated form of Sapphire which has no or nearly no chemical impurities, called trace elements. Good quality large pure corundums are hard to find, making them a rare jewellery treat.

    Gold & Orange - Trace elements of iron and chromium together make beautifully fiery shades of sapphires in gold and orange. It’s hard to imagine that these are untreated, naturally discovered gems with such an unusual look.

    Pink & Ruby Red - Pink and rouge sapphires are also available. These contain only chromium trace elements. The most unusual pink sapphires have a gentle salmon color and are called ‘Padparadscha’ sapphires. The Padparadscha is not well known by general public sapphire buyers but for connoisseurs of the gemstone it is a real treasure. Again the ‘Padparadscha’ can vary in color slightly with a more red or orange variation on the traditional salmon shade.

    The combinations of trace elements that are discovered are responsible for the fascinating sapphire colors that are available. These colored stones are known as ‘fancy sapphires’. These rare sapphires are irreplaceable even when just 1 or 2 carats. The way in which trace elements naturally combine is hugely variable and therefore no two sapphires are the same. Sapphire stones are ideal for those who like multi-color fine jewelry. Imagine the possibilities!

  • Eternity, engagement or friendship? What your jewelry gift says about your man

    Any good man knows that a spectacular piece of jewelry can make a girls’ day. Some of  us yearn for that moment when he gets down on one knee and takes things to the next step, but a jewelry gift can be a touching and treasured present at any time in the relationship. Here’s a look at the many reasons your partner could give you jewellery and what each purchase says about him:

    The friendship ring - A ring is a known symbol of endless love and respect. Most commonly given during engagement, a ring can also be a wonderful gift to recognise the importance of a relationship when you’re not ready to get engaged. Friendship rings are often gifted on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas and can be worn on the left hand as a personal reminder of your loved one at all time. A friendship ring is the perfect opportunity to embrace your partner’s personality and can be more playful and colourful than an engagement ring. A man who buys a friendship ring is loyal and committed even during the early stages of your relationship.

    The meaningful necklace - Necklaces bearing messages are a popular jewelry trend of recent years, and a great way to show your personality or the things that you hold close. If your man has gifted you a meaningful necklace - perhaps of your name, a saying that you love or just of your favorite animal - it shows how attentive and thoughtful he is and how highly he respects your thoughts and dreams.

    The engagement ring - Celebrate your man’s traditional nature if he gives you the ultimate jewelry gift - an engagement ring! An engagement ring is a brilliant way to show that despite any bravado he may have, he loves you and is ready to commit for a lifetime. An engagement ring is also an indicator of your man's generosity.

    The eternity band - Don’t think that your wedding band was the last piece of symbolic jewelry you’ll receive. If you’re lucky your partner may gift you with an eternity band later down the line. These, usually, sparkly and decorative bands are that extra display of love and eternal commitment later in your marriage to remind you just how special your relationship is. If your man buys you an eternity band you can guarantee he’s generous, caring and dedicated.

    What’s been your favorite jewelry present? Tell us in the comments below!

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