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  • Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers Reviews & Testimonials

    We've got a couple of great reviews recently.

    Here some opinions:

    "WOW, WOW, WOW!! I’m not even sure I can convey how amazing my Rainbow Sapphire & Enamel Butterfly Pendant/necklace I got from Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers. It’s beautiful, it’s perfect and I’m in love."

    - Erica


    "I've gotten alot of great compliments about this cute pendant."


    "I was completely enchanted! This beautiful butterfly attaches to the chain in such a way that is appears to be floating."

    - Jennifer


    "The necklace is absolutely GORGEOUS in person! The necklace sparkles in the sunlight and goes with any outfit. It can be worn casually, formally and even in the work place. The quality of the necklace is definitely high quality. The Sapphires are set in well to ensure they don’t fall out on you as cheap jewelry would."

    - Ashley

    Here are some pictures:
    rainbow sapphire cross necklace

    rainbow sapphire butterfly pendant

    rainbow sapphire butterfly pendant

    Check out the reviews here:


  • Gay Engagement Rings Are Forever

    A moment of commitment between two women or two men becomes a journey full of treasures when they exchange engagement rings. They can out themselves in same-sex and heterosexual company with pride and joy. They have claimed their rights to be together. Their gay engagement rings are there for all to see.

    Rings have been a sign of undying love between adoring couples since the dawn of time. They represent affection that goes on forever, and never ends. A man now also has the right to hold his boyfriend in his arms, and a woman to embrace her bride to be for all eternity. Gay wedding rings confirm that kindred souls are planning for their wedding. The whole world loves to share in the joy of their engagement.

    The Best Way to Propose

    Gay boys and lesbian girls may be wondering how things should work, when they are ready to declare undying love and exchange their gay engagement rings. Ought they to follow straight practice and invite their mums and dads around, or could this perhaps be awkward and spoil the ceremony? The rules of etiquette are still evolving. It is better to do what feels right and comes naturally.

    In many cultural traditions, betrothal gifts are more than just a ring. An engagement ring may come complete with other gifts of sapphire jewelry. A diamond pendant is a perfect complement for a lovely lady. In the case of an adoring man, a matching sapphire on a gold chain may completely satisfy their boyfriend. A mother in law becomes a friend for life when her child’s gay lover gives her sparkling gems set in precious metal.

    Gay Engagement Etiquette


    While there is no such thing as an engagement or marriage season, many same-sex partners elect to exchange their gay engagement rings at memorable times of year. For example, they may choose the anniversary of the day they met to reconfirm their love, or a traditional holiday like Christmas or New Year’s Day. They may also decide to get married on the same day later on.

    The next important decision is to where to find stunning gay engagement rings at prices you can afford, and that could leave enough money over for the ceremony itself. The average high street jeweler imports their stock from Asia, and then marks it up a second time so they have enough money to pay their rent.

    The smart gay and lesbian goes shopping on the internet for gay engagement rings. This is safe, as long as you remember to purchase them from Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers where you get more for less, and same-sex couples are always welcome. It just makes sense to buy from friendly people who respect your love.

    Where to Propose

    A betrothal ceremony marks a high spot in a relationship between two men or two women. This is not just because of the sapphire rings and other gold and diamond jewelry that they exchange. Their sparkling gems in precious metal mounts are but an earthly symbol for their unconditional affection, and of their wish to stay together not just for a season, not only for a year or two, but forever more and for all eternity.

    The perfect place to propose is a spot that suits the engagement ceremony you have in mind, and is the first step towards your wedding. You must feel happy wherever you decide to exchange your commitment and gay engagement rings. Here are two pointers to where you might decide to propose.

    Sunrise Beach Picnic for Two – In this scenario, everything has been prearranged, and you just have to be there with your love and your gay engagement rings. Dress according to your taste. You can go formal or informal. You are not getting married or even planning to do so just yet. Go with the flow and do what feels good.

    You arrive on a deserted beach to find a table set for two beside a flickering fire. As a golden orb rises from the ocean’s edge, you exchange your gay engagement rings as a symbol of the rebirth of your love. Woman to woman; man to man; just the two of you alone together. Relish the pride that comes from exercising your rights to be exactly who you are.

    Then it is time to open up the champagne, as the first sunlight casts a warming glow, and you share your first breakfast together as official partners. Treasure the moment. Hold it in your memory. You are no longer restless like the ocean. You are at peace and will be together always. You love is about to unfold in so many precious ways.

    Stroll Deep Into Nature Together – After you have been shopping on the Internet, and the gay engagement rings the jeweler posted off to you have finally arrived, why not pack two rucksacks and a tent and go climbing in the mountains with your same sex partner. It is to know hat you are about to share your gay engagement rings together. But first, you must exercise a little patience.

    When you have arrived at your favorite spot and pitched the intimate two-person tent where you will spend the night, it is time to move on to your engagement ceremony. Do not rush things. You have waited a long time for this. When you are ready, you can slip your jewelry over each other’s fingers together. Finally, you are one. Man and man, woman and woman, locked together for all eternity.

    You can also watch this great video for inspiration:

    Also check out some great gay proposal stories.

    Whatever You Decide

    What you decide is entirely up to you. Just agree about everything and enjoy the moment. These engagement tips come with compliments of Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers in Bangkok. They have a stunning range of gay engagement rings and other jewelry as pictured in this article, and are lesbian and gay friendly too.

  • Why a Rainbow Sapphire Ring is the Best Gift for your Boyfriend

    There are so many ways to express your feelings and say, “I love you”. Everyone is always looking for the most memorable and special way to say these words and express their feelings of love.

    You know you have found Mr. Right when your relationship naturally goes to a higher level of mutual commitment and love. It will be a relationship that is bound for lifetime partnership or marriage and a future of happiness and joy.

    A ring symbolises eternal love and devotion. It will demonstrate to your boyfriend that you want that higher level of commitment and will remind you both of your true and mature love.

    A couple’s ring or a commitment ring is one of the best gifts you could buy for your boyfriend. It not only reflects your sincerity of love for him but it also entails a lot of meaning such as keeping a specific promise of being faithful. It says that you will be partners forever and that you will both be there for each other.

    A rainbow sapphire ring can also be used as an engagement or wedding ring. Rainbow colors are used to represent identity and solidarity, which crosses over into all committed gay relationships.

    commitment rings for men

    The Meaning Behind a Rainbow Relationship

    Rainbow sapphire couple’s rings carry the same meaning as the gay pride flag. The flag in recent years has been changed to represent a natural rainbow. It most commonly consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet and is flown with red on top.

    It has been said that the creator of the gay pride flag, Gilbert Baker borrowed the idea from the Hippie movement and gave each color a special meaning. Red symbolises life and orange supports healing. Yellow brings sunlight and green embraces nature. Blue brings serenity and harmony into a relationship and violet is associated with spirit. All of these meanings hold true in a loving relationship.

    In a very special relationship many emotions are involved. No words can express or describe a relationship that is true and sincere. This is the reason why a rainbow sapphire ring is the perfect gift for your loved one. Sapphire comes in different colors (red, orange, yellow, gold, purple, green and blue) and can help you express your love to your partner.

    The variety of sapphire stone colors are breath taking. No matter what occasion it may be, his birthday, your anniversary, Father's Day, Christmas, New Year, Chanukah or your wedding day it is the perfect symbol of your sincerity, love and support to him.

    Choosing the Perfect Ring

    It can be tricky choosing the perfect ring for your boyfriend. Here are four steps to help you get it right.

    1. With your partner in mind choose the type of metal for the band of the ring. Think about the other jewelry he wears. Does he normally go for silver, white gold or yellow gold?

    2. What sort of clothes does your boyfriend wear? Keeping this in mind will help you choose a ring. Does he have a classic dress sense or does he like to make a comtempory fashion statement?

    3. Our rainbow sapphire ring shop offers single and double layer rings. Decide whether he would like the simplicity of a single layer ring or whether he would like to make a statement with a double layer ring.

    4. If in doubt subtly fish for clues as to which ring he would prefer. Causally bring up the topic of jewelry and tell him what you like and hopefully he will offer his opinion.

    Keep these steps in mind and you are sure to find the perfect ring for your boyfiend that expresses your feelings of love.

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